My name is Helena, a First Year Teacher Coach! I empower first year and new teachers to thrive inside and out of the classroom.

Let’s thrive and help our students thrive inside and out of the classroom:

In our own lives.

In order to create a greater impact, we need to take care of ourselves. Being present and engaged with our students means also addressing our own needs.

I can be your guide to creating systems, and getting ahead so you can keep that “teacher sparkle” going, so you can enjoy life outside of work.

In our students’ lives.

We need to prioritize the wellbeing of our students. Now more than ever, our students need help building relationships, regulating emotions and impelementing problem solving skills.

I’ll show you exactly how to build a routine around promoting the wellness of your students inside your classroom.

In our classroom.

In order to make the impact we were destined to make, we need a smoothly ran classroom. That means having a class that runs itself, promotes student learning, positive community, and inclusion.

I can show you how to create a classroom you and your students feel seen, heard, loved, and understood!

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