The Present Teacher

Want to make an impact?

Empowering New Educators to eliminate mental and emotional health stigma.

Because together we are stronger.

Let's address mental and emotional health in the education system.


In our own lives.

In order to create more impact, we need to care for ourselves.


Being present and engaged with our students means addressing our own needs.



I can be your guide to taking steps toward a more joyful and fullfilling career in teaching.


In our students' lives.

We need to prioritize mental health in the classroom.


But now more than ever, our students need help building relationships, regulating emotions, and implementing problem solving skills.


I’ll show you exactly how to build a routine around addressing mental health with your students.


In our classroom.

In order to change mental and emotional health, we need a smoothly ran classroom. 


That means having a classroom that runs itself, promotes independent learning, relationships, and inclusion.


 I can coach you to create a classroom you and your students love to be a part of!

Empowering educators to construct an inclusive, holistic environment through simple, authentic SEL Strategies so that they can eliminate mental and emotional health stigma.

-Our Mission

Here there, I'm Helena!

I’m a Teacher Wellness Coach that believes in taking care of ourselves so we take better care of our students.

As a teacher who felt like a “FAILURE” during my first year of teaching, I understand how difficult it can be to make an impact in the classroom, create a welcoming safe environment, get everything done on your to do list, and make time for yourself.


You see it all started during Kindergarten graduation…

What other teachers say...

Here’s what other teachers from around the world is saying!

"Helena is a natural born teacher. Her enthusiasm is felt through the screen! I am motivated just watching her!"
Carmen R.
"After integrating Helena's strategies, I have found more time to spend with my family at home. It is amazing how much love and passion Helena has put into TeacherCare Academy."
man, work, desk-597178.jpg
Kyle D.
"I wish I had known this when I first started teaching!"
woman, laptop, desk-1851464.jpg
poala G

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