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One on One Coaching

Want to find a way to take care of your wellness fast?!

You're in the right place!

I specialize in designing wellness plans that are simple, effective, and easy to be consistent with. 

I help educators to:

Wellness Voxer Coaching

Want to brainstorm your wellness journey with me? Get clarity on your next wellness steps with a 60 minute Voxer Call!

If it feels like you are doing all the right things, but you feel a little stuck, let’s set up a Voxer Coaching Call. 


In these 60 minutes sessions we can talk about anything from work-life boundaries, to preventing burnout, or anything mentioned above!


You'll get access to:

Each sessions are a first come first save basis at $60 per session.

Done in a Day Wellness Plan

Want to get all of your life organized in a day?

In this 8 hour video coaching session we will will make an authentic and individualized wellness plan for you from start to finish. In this coaching session you will walk away with:

In this phase we really dive deep into what are your goals for your life as a whole, and what does that look like.

In this section of the coaching call we figure out what is stopping you from getting to your dream life. And how you prevent mindset blocks from making progress moving forward.

This part of coaching allows us to take a zoomed out approach to your overall life, and how you are prioritizing the important things in your life.

In the creation phase we break down your future wellness life into goals, boundaries, and priorities, all the while creating systems that allow you to remain consistent. 

One the last things you want to do is create a plan and forget about it. In this part of the coaching we set up scientifically proven ways to be consistent with your wellness plan.

Let’s be honest, life changes and our needs are constantly changing. That’s why it’s so important to walk away with a system that allows you to pivot and reflect the plan as needed. That way it’s a living, breathing plan that changes with you. 

As a part of the coaching session you will get a PDF breakdown of all the different aspects of your wellness plan. As well as any important notes about our session and action steps.

As a thank you for spending the day with me AND as follow up support to answer any questions or ideas you might have you will get 60-minute voxer coaching (voice messaging) each month for 2 months following our coaching session. 

Each session is on a first come and first serve basis at $800 per session.

What other teachers say:

"Your message remains so important and necessary. Teachers need help putting themselves first because we cannot pour from an empty cup. Thank you for all you do!"
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Melissa V.
"You would be so proud of me! I went on vacation without checking my email, phone, nothing! You're 5 minute self-care has completely changed my life!"
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Annabelle L.

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