Revitalize Your Teaching Journey with the Winter Break Reset!

Go from overwhelmed to overjoyed in just one weekend. Craft a classroom that flows effortlessly, setting the stage for your best school year yet. No fluff, just actionable steps for new teachers.

Feeling the weight of overwhelm as winter break approaches, knowing your teaching systems need a reset?

➡️Endless to-do lists haunting your every waking moment, leaving you feeling like you’re constantly playing catch-up?

➡️Your enthusiasm for teaching dwindling as you question if you’re even on the right path?

➡️The never-ending cycle of staying late, working weekends, and still feeling like you’re light-years behind?

Seeking a straightforward path to reset your teaching strategy without sacrificing your winter break?

Picture a winter break where resetting your teaching methods feels like a magic wand, turning chaos into calm and overwhelm into simplicity.

✨Instead of spending the break in a frantic rush, you emerge with a classroom designed for effortless flow and organized systems.

✨As the new year unfolds, the excitement replaces stress because you’re not just prepared – you’re genuinely ready to thrive.

✨Your colleagues marvel at your well-planned space, asking, “How did you create such a smoothly running classroom?” and you beam with pride, knowing you’ve set the tone for a remarkable year.

Imagine a classroom born from the intentional reset of your winter break, a space where every detail mirrors your vision and dedication.

Streamlined Systems

Immerse yourself in a space where strategic systems meet creativity, making every teaching task a breeze.

Confident Restart

 Embark on the school year with confidence, knowing you’ve laid the groundwork for an extraordinary teaching experience.

Time Reclaimed

Reclaim your winter break, savoring moments with loved ones and personal pursuits, all while being thoroughly equipped for the upcoming academic journey.

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience designed exclusively for new teachers.

The Winter Break Reset Mini-Course is your roadmap to a refreshed teaching approach. From redefining essential systems to overcoming mindset hurdles, we lead you through a weekend of purposeful transformation. Bid farewell to winter break stress and usher in a teaching year marked by simplicity and achievement. Join us on this journey to reset and revamp your teaching adventure.

Dive into the intricacies of building classroom systems that bring order and simplicity. Uncover the secrets to identifying the right systems for your teaching style and take the first steps towards a smoothly running classroom.

Unlock the power of a confident teacher’s mindset. Explore roadblocks hindering your full potential and learn strategies to overcome them. This week is your key to consistently approaching your teaching journey with ease and resilience.

Craft a roadmap for success by delving into effective goal setting. Identify the goals that matter most, understand the art of attainable objectives, and discover the power of setting milestones throughout the year to achieve your overarching vision.

Get a bird’s-eye view of the upcoming year and supercharge your goal-reaching abilities. Develop a comprehensive action plan that ensures you stay on track, setting the stage for a year of intentional, impactful teaching.

Invest in Your Teaching Journey! We've tailored our pricing to ensure every teacher can confidently reset their career this Winter Break. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

One Time Payment:

The Winter Break Reset Power Pack 


What’s Included (Total Value: $238):

  • Systems Unveiled Lesson & Workbook (Value $17)
  • Mindset Mastery Lesson & Workbook (Value $17)
  • Goal Setting Decoded Lesson & Workbook (Value $17)
  • Action Plan Acceleration Lesson & Workbook (Value $17)
  • BONUS: 30 Day Teacher Break Reset Journal (Value $17)

Payment Plan (2 Months):

Winter Break Reset Monthly Magic


What’s Included (Total Value: $238):

  • Systems Unveiled Lesson & Workbook (Value $17)
  • Mindset Mastery Lesson & Workbook (Value $17)
  • Goal Setting Decoded Lesson & Workbook (Value $17)
  • Action Plan Acceleration Lesson & Workbook (Value $17)
  • BONUS: 30 Day Teacher Break Reset Journal (Value $17)

Dive even deeper into your teaching transformation with this exclusive bonus, carefully crafted to amplify your Winter Break Reset experience. This isn’t just an added perk; it’s a powerful tool designed to propel your success and connect you with a supportive community. And guess what? It comes absolutely FREE when you enroll in the Winter Break Reset Mini-Course.

Bonus: 30 Day Teacher Winter Reset Journal (Value $17)

Elevate your Winter Break Reset journey with a companion designed for the first 30 days of your teaching renewal. This journal is your sacred space to reflect, adapt, and grow during this crucial period. Capture your experiences, conquer challenges, celebrate wins, and uncover valuable insights. Regular reflection becomes your compass, ensuring your teaching strategy is finely tuned for success.

I’m thrilled about the transformative journey that the Winter Break Reset Mini-Course offers, and I want you to dive into it with absolute confidence. That’s why I’m proud to introduce our 7-Day Confidence Guarantee.

If, within the first 7 days of your purchase, you discover that the Winter Break Reset Mini-Course isn’t aligning with your expectations, simply drop me an email at thepresentteacher@gmail.com. No questions asked, no hurdles to navigate—I’m here to promptly refund your investment. Your satisfaction and confidence in embarking on this teaching journey are my utmost priorities.

Feel secure, supported, and ready to embrace your Winter Break Reset with assurance.

Meet Helena—the passionate educator who, just like you, embarked on her teaching journey with a whirlwind of excitement, nerves, and a fervent desire to create a classroom that truly stood out. In those initial moments, she felt the same overwhelming rush that many new teachers experience.

But, as Helena delved into the reality of setting up a classroom, she realized it was far more than just creating an aesthetically pleasing space. That pivotal summer, amid long hours and missed family moments, she found herself caught in the cycle of never truly feeling ahead. Yet, from those experiences, Helena forged a streamlined and effective approach to classroom setup.

Now, as the passionate creator of the Winter Break Reset Mini-Course, Helena is on a mission. She doesn’t want any other teacher to spend their entire winter break feeling lost or overwhelmed. Helena is driven by the burning desire to help new teachers transition smoothly, confidently, and joyfully into their classrooms. With her guidance, you won’t only create a functional and beautiful classroom, but you’ll also build a foundation for a successful school year.

he Winter Break Reset Mini-Course is meticulously crafted to deliver immediate results. Dive into actionable steps and strategies that you can implement right away. Many participants experience a noticeable shift in their classroom systems and planning within just days of starting the course. The full transformation, however, unfolds as you consistently apply these lessons throughout the school year.

Absolutely! While the Winter Break Reset Mini-Course is tailored to address the unique challenges of new teachers, its insights and strategies resonate with educators at all levels. Seasoned teachers find immense value in refreshing their classroom management and organization approach. Helena’s techniques offer a fresh perspective, regardless of your years in the profession.

Absolutely! Once enrolled, you’ll have access to all the lessons. While the program was designed for a weekend pace, you’re free to navigate through the content at your own speed. This flexibility ensures you absorb and apply each lesson effectively, fitting seamlessly into your schedule.

We believe in the value of the Winter Break Reset Mini-Course, and your satisfaction is our priority. Enjoy a 7-day no-questions-asked guarantee. If you’re not delighted within the first week of your purchase, simply drop us an email, and we’ll promptly process your refund.

Once enrolled, you’ll have lifetime access to the Winter Break Reset Mini-Course materials. This means you can revisit the lessons whenever needed—whether preparing for a new school year or seeking a refresher.

Don't let another winter break pass by feeling overwhelmed or unprepared. Your dream classroom and a successful school year are just a click away.