What Districts ACTUALLY Want to See on Your Teacher Cover Letter


You've polished your resume, now you're wondering what exactly should you put in teacher cover letter to make it stand out? Here are 3 things

You’ve polished your resume, gathered your recommendations, and now you’re standing at the doorstep of your next teaching opportunity. But what exactly should you weave into the narrative of your teacher cover letter to make it stand out? After years of interviews and sitting on interview committees, I’ve deciphered the code, and today I’m letting you in on what districts are ACTUALLY looking for in your teacher cover letter.

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Why You Are a Good Fit

Districts aren’t just looking for teachers; they’re seeking individuals who are genuinely passionate about education. Start your cover letter by sharing your story — why teaching? What fuels your passion? Align these reasons with the ethos of the district. Dive into their mission and values; how do you resonate with them? This isn’t about generic enthusiasm; it’s about showing why you and the district are a perfect match.

Your History and Qualifications

Your teaching journey is a crucial chapter that districts want to read. Outline your experiences, from student teaching to your most recent position. Specify the duration of your engagements — how many years or months were you dedicated to each role? Highlight your academic qualifications. Do you possess additional endorsements that set you apart? Give them a clear snapshot of your teaching history and qualifications.

Mission and Core Values

Districts take their mission and core values seriously. Don’t just copy and paste the same cover letter to everyone — show them you’ve delved into what makes their school unique. Tailor your cover letter for each district. If their mission emphasizes creating life-long learners, express your passion for that goal. Be cautious: authenticity matters. Align yourself with aspects you genuinely believe in; don’t force-fit values that don’t resonate with you. It’s about mutual compatibility.

Your “It Factor”

In a sea of zebras, be the standout zebra with your unique “It Factor.” What makes you different? Your ‘It Factor’ is your unique selling point, your individuality. It could be your youthful eagerness, seasoned wisdom, expertise in advanced education, or passion for supporting struggling students. Whatever it is, don’t just blend in; emphasize why you’re a one-of-a-kind educator.

Wrap Up

And there you have it — the four crucial elements that districts are scrutinizing in your cover letter:

  • Why you’re a good fit: Showcase your passion and align it with the district’s mission.
  • Your History and Qualifications: Provide a clear picture of your teaching journey and academic background.
  • Mission and Core Values: Demonstrate that you understand and resonate with what makes the district unique.
  • Your It Factor: Stand out by showcasing your unique qualities.

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