Top 10 Spectacular Podcasts for TPT Sellers in 2021

Are you a TPT Seller who is looking to transform your business? Here are the Top Podcasts every teacherprenuer should listen to. @thepresentteacher #tptseller


“Be a lifelong student. The more you learn, the more you earn and more self-confidence you will have.” -Brian Tracy

As a new TPT Seller, there can be a lot of information out there. 

But it can be hard to access the RIGHT information that you need for where you are in your journey right now.

And let’s be honest, it can be hard to access Free information when you start.

When you are just starting you may not have a lot of money to invest in your business yet. So it’s important to find the right free information that will get you the results you need.

That’s why I love Podcasting. 

Podcasting is a great way to access consistent information that you can use right now in your business. 

Today we are going to talk about:

  • What is Podcasting?
  • Why Is Podcasting Important?
  • And also, What Are the Top Podcasts that Every TPT Seller Should Listen to?

So if you are looking for some free knowledge that will help grow your TPT business then let’s get started.

Are you a TPT Seller who is looking to transform your business? Here are the Top Podcasts every teacherprenuer should listen to. @thepresentteacher #tptseller

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What are Podcasts?

Before we begin it’s important to cover, what are Podcasts? 

Well to put simply, Podcasts are typically a series of audio that can be listened to on a mobile device or computer.

Podcasts are typically Free information that you can access regardless of where you are.

But if we are being completely honest, there are A LOT of podcasts out there.

According to Variety, there are actually around 500,000 Podcasts in more than 100 different languages.

That’s a lot!

So it’s no wonder that it can be overwhelming to figure out WHICH podcast to listen to. 

But before we get there, let’s talk about WHY every TPT Seller should be listening to Podcasts. 

Why are Podcasts Important for TPT Sellers?

Podcasts can be great for many reasons. 

For example, as we talked about earlier it is Free.

This is especially great for NEW TPT Sellers who don’t have enough profit to invest in a course yet. 

Another reason why you should listen to Podcasts for TPT Sellers is that it allows you to find your mentors and build relationships.

Ideally, when you are ready to buy a course, you are going to want to buy it from someone you trust.

What better way to get a taste of how someone will teach you in their course than to listen to their FREE content.

Because in all reality, if the Free content is good and you connect to it, then the courses are going to be even better.

Podcasts for TPT Sellers are also ideal because they are convenient. 

If you need something to listen to on the way to work, or while you are grading papers, Podcasts are the way to go.

I love listening to them while I am creating content for my audience!

So to summarize why Podcasts are Important for TPT Sellers is because:

  • They are free.
  • You can find out who your mentors are.
  • You know which course to buy when you are ready.
  • They are convenient.
  • Great to listen to while multitasking!

Now that we talked about why Podcasts are Important for TPT Sellers, let’s talk about the Top Podcasts for TPT Sellers in 2021!

    Top Podcasts for TPT Sellers

    For the Top Podcasts for TPT Sellers, I broke it up into different sections. 

    The first section is Podcasts for TPT Sellers BY TPT Sellers.

    This is where we mention the top Podcasts that were specifically geared towards TPT Sellers. 

    In the next section, we talk about Podcasts for TPT Sellers that are geared towards business. 

    This is important because information for TPT Sellers can be so limited. 

    If you want to make gains in your TPT Business, you need to listen to people who are leaders in the Business world. 

    As we mention each Podcast we are going to break down what they talk about and their specific niche. 

    That way you know who to listen to depending on where you are on your journey.

    So let’s get started!

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      Specific TPT Seller Podcasts

      Becca’s Teacherpreneur Academy

      This first one is dear to my heart because the Creator, Becca Davis, was the person who inspired me to get into Teachers Pay Teachers in the first place. 

      Becca Davis started as a blogger, Teachers Pay Teachers Seller, and then a Youtuber and did income reports on how much she earned along the way.

      Becca is known for having Practical Tips that you can implement right now. 

      She specializes in making and planning goals so that you can achieve them. 

      Becca is also great at giving you a step-by-step on how to begin your TPT Store.

      So if you are looking for practical advice, planning and goal setting, or just how to start your store, you can check out Becca’s Podcast at Becca’s Teacherpreneur Academy. 

      The Terrific Teacherpreneur

      This next podcast for TPT Sellers is great for people who need help with Pinterest!

      Alex, the creator of “The Terrific Teacherpreneur,” is a Teacher-Author who is a Pro when it comes to Pinterest.

      Her Podcast is also full of actionable tips and a great podcast to listen to if you want to turn your side hustle into a successful business.

      So if you need Pinterest Advice or just someone to walk you through the TPT world, Alex is your go-to!

      The Ceo Teacher Podcast

      Of course, I could not forget the Amazing Kayse Morris and the “CEO Teacher Podcast!”

      Kayse Morris has turned her Teachers Pay Teachers Side Hustle into a Million Dollar Company.

      In her Podcast, you will hear all about the secrets of marketing your online teaching business.

      Her focus is to help teachers create impact by transforming their side-hustles into a successful business.

      Honestly, Kayse is the queen of Hype!

      So if you are looking to grow your teacher business through marketing, definitely check out “The CEO Teacher Podcast.”

      Teacher Hustle Podcast

      The next Podcast for TPT Sellers is the “Teacher Hustle” Podcast by Alissa Mcdonald.

      Alissa Mcdonald is a 5th-grade teacher and mother who talks about marketing, content creation, and the mind-shift needed to run a successful business. 

      She is honestly the marketing queen and is great at taking your business to the next level.

      So if you need marketing help with your TPT Business, definitely check out the “Teacher Hustle!”

      Elite Edupreneurs

      Now I’m going, to be honest, Fans of “Elite Edupreneurs” were crushed when they stopped creating new content back in July 2020.

      However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t still have a dedicated fan base, and their content isn’t still valid.

      “Elite Edupreneurs Podcast” is a great podcast to hear about motivation, best practices, and more!

      So if you are looking for a podcast that will motivate and inspire, definitely check out “The Elite Edupreneurs Podcast!”

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        Business Podcasts for TPT Sellers

        Now let’s talk about other Podcasts for TPT Sellers that are amazing and will transform your business.

        While these may not be by TPT Sellers Specifically, these are the top podcasts to listen to if you want to level up your Teacher Business. 

        So without further ado, here are the Top 5 Business Podcasts for TPT Sellers. 

        Smart Passive Income

        If you haven’t heard of Pat Flynn, then I am so excited to introduce you!

        For those of you who don’t know, Pat Flynn is the creator of “Smart Passive Income.”

        Since 2008 he has been supporting his family with his business and let me tell you, the guy is a genius!

        In his podcast, he talks all about blogging, email marketing (taught me everything I know, thanks Patt!), affiliate marketing, and even starting your business.

        This guy does it all!

        Plus let’s talk about his “Team Flynn” for a second.

        He has the most amazing and engaged audience and fans ever!

        So if you need any help with email, starting a business, affiliate marketing, creating an engaged fan base, check out the SPI Podcast!

        “Team Flynn for the win!”

        Entrepreneurs on Fire

        Entrepreneurs on Fire” or “Fire Nation” is an amazing Podcast by John Lee Dumas.

        Talk about getting motivated, Dumas is great at giving tips and advice that will “Fire Up” your Business.

        John Lee Dumas has done the impossible and interviewed over 3,000 entrepreneurs and has created an amazing fan base.

        So if you need motivation or advice to transform your Business check out “Entrepreneurs on Fire.”

        “I Am A Creator”

        The next Podcast for TPT Sellers is “I Am A Creator Podcast.

        “I Am A Creator” is a podcast that tells inspiring stories of other entrepreneurs.  

        Focusing on not just the fame, but the grind and hustle as well, Isa Adney tells the stories of other people in a captivating way that makes you excited to keep going.

        Her warm and inviting tone is great to listen to on those days you just don’t feel like creating.

        So if you need some motivation to check out “I Am A Creator Podcast.”

        The Tim Ferriss Show

        The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast” is another great Podcast for TPT Sellers.

        The creator, Tim Ferriss is known for his famous book “The Four Hour Work Week.”

        The podcast was also the first Business Podcast to pass 100 Million Downloads. 

        In the episodes, you can hear Tim Ferriss breaking down strategies and tactics that some of the top Business owners use to make a successful business. 

        Check out the “Tim Ferriss Show” here!

        “Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

        The final Podcast for TPT Sellers is “Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield.”

        Amy Porterfield specializes in marketing strategies and breaking them down step by step.

        If you are looking for a Podcast for TPT Sellers that will get you motivated and come up with a killer Marketing Strategy, check out her podcast here.

        Wrap it Up

        Overall I know starting as a TPT Seller can be tough. 

        Especially when it comes to finding free content that will help move the needle in your business. 

        But I hope this post helped you find new Podcasts to listen to you and amazing mentors that will help you along with your Teachers Pay Teachers Journey.

        Keep creating, keep going.

        And always remember:

        “Together we are stronger.”



        Did I miss any of your favorite Podcasts? Comment them down below to share with other TPT Sellers!