Top 10 ClassDojo Rewards That will Transform Distance Learning

ClassDojo 10 Rewards While Distance Learning


Ever since my school has been Distance Learning, we have been utilizing ClassDojo now more than ever. 

In fact, I don’t know how I would have gotten through Distance Learning this far without ClassDojo. 

If you haven’t checked it out yet, ClassDojo is an amazing tool to communicate with parents, while assigning work to students digitally. This can be a lifesaver, especially while Distance Learning.

After figuring out “How I Could Use ClassDojo Effectively While Distance Learning,” I found that there was a lot more work to be done. I was using ClassDojo for about 2 weeks when I realized something was missing.

I was not using ClassDojo to its’ full potential. 

My problem was that I was rewarding points to my class. But there wasn’t really a reason to. My students weren’t as enthused about the points because there was no reward for them to work towards. 

This is when I decided I needed to make a change so that my students would be more engaged with the resource. So I tried to make a reward system.

But then I realized that all of the rewards I had made in the past would have to be adapted to Distance Learning.

I couldn’t throw things like Pizza Parties. I had to get creative. And if you are anything like me, trying to be a reward system in the midst of this chaos can be a little daunting. That’s why I wanted to share these 10 ClassDojo Rewards for Distance Learning. 

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Are you using ClassDojo this year while Distance Learning and need a reward system? Here are 10 rewards to use that are distance learning friendly this year.
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    10 ClassDojo Rewards to Use in the Classroom

    1. Virtual Show and Tell

    The first Distance Reward I use for ClassDojo is Virtual Share and Tell. I think this is an important reward to have at the beginning of the school year because it helps students build a connection with one another. 

    Building relationships and connections with your students can be hard. Especially while Distance Learning. That’s why I loved using this as the very first reward my students reached.

    I loved doing this activity because I noticed a significant difference in my connection with my students and the connection they had with each other. 

    How it works:

    • Students pick one thing that they want to share with the class.
    • Each student takes turns talking about what they brought for Virtual Show and Tell
    • Have students take turns asking questions or saying something nice about what the other student brought.


    • Give students a time limit if you are short on time.
    • This is a great time to practice whatever routine you have for muting and unmuting.
    • Finish each Share and Tell with a Classroom Cheer to celebrate and build classroom climate.
    ClassDojo Reward System for Distance Learning

    2. Virtual Lunch With the Teacher

    The next ClassDojo Reward my students are working towards is a Virtual Lunch with the Teacher. Just like the Virtual Share and Tell, this is another great opportunity to build a relationship with your students. 

    I thought the second reward would be perfect for this because this is still around the time when teachers are building a relationship with their students. 

    Even though this may not look the same while Distance Learning, building a relationship with your student is still important. Especially for creating a successful and meaningful school year. 

    How it works:

    • Students and the teacher stay on Zoom or Google Hangouts while they are on lunch.
    • While students and the teacher are eating lunch, they have an opportunity to talk and get to know each other. 


    • Have pre-written questions (like would you rather, never have I ever, etc.) to help break the silence and build a connection.
    • Another great opportunity to practice mute and unmute procedures.
    • You can have students bring their favorite snack and share with the class why they like it.

    3. No Homework

    Around this time of the year, students are just finishing the Beginning of the Year Testing and Assessments. They might also be finishing their end of the quarter assessments. 

    That is why this is a great opportunity to give students (and you) a break from all of the school work. Making ‘No Homework’ the perfect reward for this time of year.

    Students can experience burnout just like Teachers. Therefore, it’s important to give our students a break just like we need one ourselves. 

    If you don’t assign a lot of homework (like me) you can easily wave an assignment that you typically have the students do instead. (For example, spelling tests, sight words/high-frequency words, nightly reading, etc.)

    How it works:

    • The teacher waives homework or an assignment for the whole class.


    • You can have students do something special instead and share about it the next day. (For instance, riding a bike, reading a book, drawing, baking something, etc.) 

    4. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

    Around this time of year, students start getting into the routine of school and can use something new and engaging to change things up. That’s why this would be a great opportunity for a Virtual Scavenger Hunt. 

    A Virtual Scavenger Hunt can be as simple as hiding something around the classroom. 

    This was something I actually did the 1st week of school after reading “The Kissing Hand.” In my post ‘”The Kissing Hand” and Distance Learning’ I talked about how I hid “Chester” around the room so my students could look for him. I then walked around the school with my camera so my students could look for “Chester” while getting to know the school. This allowed my students to get to know their future space in a fun and engaging way.

    My students loved it and if you want to find out more you can check out my blog here. 

    For upper-grade levels, you could also hide little clues around the classroom that relates to something in class.

    There are also some really cool ones on Teachers Pay Teachers if you are interested. 

    Overall, Virtual Scavenger Hunts allow students to build community and learn content in a fun and engaging way.

    How it works:

    • The teacher hides images or clues around the room OR creates/finds a digital Scavenger Hunt.
    • The teacher walks around the room with a camera to help students look around the classroom for clues.


    • You can make this educational by relating it to something covered in class. 

    5. Virtual Dress Up Day

    The fifth ClassDojo Distance Learning Reward is a Dress-Up day! This might be around the Holidays where students are looking for fun and engaging things to do.

    What better way to make a fun and engaging day like a Dress Up Day?

    The theme I love the most (and my students do too) is Young Vs. Old Day. Students Dress Up like Grown-Ups and Teachers Dress Up like kids. 

    Students love these types of days because it allows them to bring their imagination into the classroom. 

    How it works:

    • The teacher decides the theme of the dress up.
    • Teachers and students dress up.
    • Maybe find a couple of fun activities to fit the occasion!


    • Give the students choices between which themes for the Dress Up Days.
    • Incorporate fun activities to create even more fun and engaging day!
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    6. Virtual Dance Party

    Another great ClassDojo Distance Learning Reward is a Dance Party. This allows students to move around while building community within the classroom. 

    Doing Movement Activities like Dance and Freeze, GoNoodle, Jack Hartmann, etc. allows students to build community through movement. 

    I know I personally get tired of sitting and staring at the screen all day. Which means my students probably do too. 

    This is a great way to mix it up and allows kids to be… well, kids!

    How it works:

    • The teacher puts on music, or movement and dancing activities for students to do. (For example, Jack Hartmann Videos, GoNoodle, Dance and Freeze, Baby Shark, etc.)
    • Students spend an extra amount of time moving and dancing along to their favorite songs and activities. 


    • Plan the songs out ahead of time or let your students decide which activities and songs they want to do.
    • Assign a set amount of time for your “Dance Party.”
    ClassDojo Reward Dance Party 

    7. Virtual Field Trip

    Besides a Virtual Dance Party, Students may also enjoy a Virtual Field Trip as an award. I have seen a lot of these on Teachers Pay Teachers that would be perfect in my classroom.

    An amazing perk to this reward is you can make it educational and relevant to what you’re teaching in class. 

    I feel like Virtual Field Trips are just a fun and engaging resource to use period. 

    How it works:

    • Teacher finds a Virtual Field Trip on Teachers Pay Teachers or other great free resources.
    • The class spends a period of time undergoing the virtual field trip whole group, or even in small groups. 


    • Find a Virtual Field Trip that is relevant to something you are using in class.
    • Create a post assignment that students can reflect on after the field trip.
    • Some Field Trips you can actually assign to students that way they go at their own pace. 

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      8. Virtual Talent Show

      Around this time of year, students are going to really have their routines down. Therefore, they might be looking for something new and engaging to mix things up.

      That’s why I thought a Class Talent Show would be perfect for this time of year. That’s why it is number eight of the ClassDojo Rewards. A talent show allows students to build a community in a way that’s engaging and breaks up the routine. 

      A Virtual Talent Show also allows students to show off and connect to each other. Another perk to doing this reward during this time of year is that students have had time to warm up to the class. Hence, they are often not as shy as the beginning of the year and are looking for a way to connect to others. 

      How it works:

      • Teachers designate a certain amount of time that students have to show off their talent.
      • Students take turns showing off their talents via Zoom or Google Hangouts. 


      • Tell your students with plenty of time in advance to prepare their special talent.
      • Have students taking turns complimenting and commenting on the talent once one child presents.
      ClassDojo Reward Handout @thepresentteacher

      9. Virtual Art Day/Activity

      The ninth ClassDojo Whole Class Reward is a Virtual Art Day. This is perfect for when students are feeling frazzled and need a break from all of the testing and typical school assignments.

      A Virtual Art Day allows students to tap into their creativity. These activities can be done with simple things from home, or things sent home in a packet. 

      I personally love it when I get to do Art Days/Activities because I feel like it resets students and their perspective of school in an engaging way. 

      How it works:

      • The teacher puts together art activities (or just one) to do for the day.
      • Students can do Art Day/Activities in whole or small groups. 


      • Make the activities relevant by connecting them to something you are currently teaching in class.
      • Send the supplies home in a packet or have students gather the supplies from home with plenty of notice.

      10. Lunch with the Principal

      The last of the ClassDojo Rewards is a virtual lunch with the principal (or an administrator). You definitely want to get their permission before doing this. But, this is a great opportunity for students to have a positive relationship with the administration.

      Students love having relationships with administrators, especially when it’s positive. There are also a lot of amazing administrators who love spending time with students!

      How it works:

      • An Administrator or Principal joins the class for lunch.
      • Students and the Administrator or Principal eat lunch while visiting through Google Hangouts or Zoom. 


      • Have some sort of activities or questions laid out beforehand to fill possible silence or nervousness.
      • Make sure expectations in place for mute and unmute beforehand. 
      • Have students prepare questions to ask the guest beforehand.
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        Let’s Wrap it Up

        Overall, it’s really important to incorporate a reward system if you are using ClassDojo. Having a reward system promotes students to be engaged and excited to get ClassDojo Points.

        Incorporating a Reward System also enhances student engagement altogether. It also allows students to receive content in a new and engaging way. 

        What do you guys think? What are some other ClassDojo Rewards that I missed? Please comment down below so we can share our ideas with one another!

        Happy Teaching!

        The Present Teacher

        10 Whole Class Rewards for ClassDojo While Distance Learning.
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