The Ultimate Guide on What to Wear During Your Next Teacher Interview


Curious about what to wear during your next teacher interview? These teacher interview tips will help you confidently prepare for your upcoming teacher interview, by putting together a practical and professional teacher interview outfit, and knowing with confidence how to stand out during your next interview from other candidates.

Congratulations! You’ve gotten the interview, and now you’re wondering what to wear during your next teacher interview. I had this exact same question 6 years ago while applying for my first teaching position. Since then, not only have I completed and accepted numerous positions, but I’ve also been on the hiring committee for my district.

While it does matter where you are applying from country to country, state to state, and even town to town (no joke, the apparel teachers wore in Oregon, where I am from, is drastically different than New Mexico), here are some general guidelines on what to wear to your next interview.

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Depending on whether you are somebody who likes to wear dresses or not, a dress might be a good choice for an interview. I tend to recommend conservative dresses that cover your shoulders, aren’t too short, or you can wear a cover over. Choose something you’re confident in and feel your best.

Pros: You don’t have to worry about putting an outfit together, which saves time and stress.

Keep in mind: In general, I don’t wear a dress to an interview if there’s a mini lesson involved because I like to get on the floor with my students and don’t want to have to worry about that during my interview.


I love a good pair of slacks, especially if I am going to teach a mini-lesson. They are formal and easier to move around in, making them a great option if you’re not really a dress person.

Pros: Great option for people who don’t like dresses but want to dress formally.

Keep in mind: You’ll need to put an outfit together, and it might be a more expensive option. If you’re tight on money, check out your nearest secondhand store, Ross, or TJ Maxx; I found great pants for my first interview for less than $20.


Great to put over a blouse, especially if you’re wearing a top or dress with straps or strapless. I like to wear clothes that I would teach in or dress up in to teach in. That’s why I love to wear cardigans or blazers over my favorite tops; I don’t have to worry about them not being within the dress code.

Pros: Opens your options to more tops, covers tattoos that you might have, and great for cooler weather.

Keep in mind: Might bring the cost of your overall outfit up, plus might be warmer attire. Make sure to check out secondhand stores or discount retailers like TJ Maxx or Ross.

Close-Toed Shoes:

My first interview, I wore heels and instantly regretted it. Here’s why: heels may look great, but they can be a nightmare during a long interview day. That’s why I recommend flat, comfy shoes that are still formal or semiformal. Avoid open-toed shoes like flip flops or super high heels.

Pros: Something you’ll feel confident in, can walk around easily in, and won’t kill your feet.

Piercings & Tattoos:

Old-fashioned and greatly depends on where you are applying. I recommend covering tattoos and piercings if possible. For example, I wore my hair down, took my nose piercing out, and wore long sleeves to cover my tattoos.

Wrap Up:

That wraps up the ultimate guide on what to wear during your teacher interview. Dive deeper by downloading the Ultimate Teacher Interview Guide on how to prepare for your next teaching position, including what questions to practice and how to stand out.

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See you in the next one, teacher bestie!




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