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Fantastic Valentine’s Day Activities for Distance Learning

Well, it is February 2021 and we are still Virtual Learning. It’s crazy to think that some schools like mine have been virtual since March 2020.

If you have read any of my other posts like “Chester and The Kissing Hand,“Pete the Cat and Halloween,” “The Polar Express and Christmas,” etc, then you know that I love creating resources to go along with your favorite books.

This is such a passion for me because I LOVED books as a kid. And it has been a dream of mine to bring books to life for my kids.

That’s why this Valentine’s Season I am creating Valentine’s Day Activities for Virtual or Distance Learning that can accompany any of your favorite books. 

Because having fun in school is still important, even if you are teaching Virtually. Besides, anything I can do to make your life a little less hectic I am happy to do!

So without further ado here are my top Valentine’s Day Activities For Distance Learning. 

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