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6 Engaging Digital Activities For “The Five Little Pumpkins”

I still remember the best Halloween ever from when I was a kid. Candy littered the classroom as my teacher listened to the song “The Five Little Pumpkins.” We eagerly started on our crafts. Gluing Pumpkins down with popsicle sticks and talking about all of the candy and houses we were going to visit that night.

I don’t know about you, but as a kid I LOVED Halloween! There was always something so magical about dressing up for a day and eating as much candy until your stomach hurt. 

However, as a teacher, I have come to appreciate all of the fun activities and the patience that adults have during this time of year.

It has been my goal to create an amazing Halloween (and holidays in general) experience for my students. 

When I found out that we would be doing Halloween through Distance Learning or Hybrid this year, I was panicked.  All of my typical go-to activities for Halloween had to be adapted this year.

Hence I wanted to share these Top 6 “The Five Little Pumpkins” Digital activities. That way you can spend more time with your students on Halloween and less time prepping! 

Overall, “Five Little Pumpkins” is such a classic story. And my kids love the adapted “Pete the Cat and the Five Little Pumpkins.” Besides, there are so many great activities for primary students (especially Kindergarten) that compliments the story. 

Therefore, here are my Top 7 Digital Activities for the “5 Little Pumpkins” (Pete the Cat version or not) that you can do while Distance Learning.

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