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Amazing Student Engagement Strategies for Hybrid Learning

“Serving two student populations at the same time. I have people joining online and joining from the classroom. Learning to work with both groups simultaneously – that was pretty difficult.”

-Orion Smith

Teaching both groups of students at the same time through hybrid learning can be overwhelming.

 Not only do you have a diverse group of students, but now you have to teach them in a variety of ways. 

For over a year now, teachers across the world have had to pivot what the face of learning and education looks like to accommodate the crisis of COVID. 

During this time teachers have been struggling to keep students engaged while also battling other obstacles on the way.

When I first entered the hybrid learning world after months of online learning, I thought that the two models would be similar. 

I also thought that the student engagement strategies that were proven to work for online learning would be efficient for hybrid learning or flipped learning.

However, that was not the case at all.

While struggling to teach both at the same time, it came to my attention that I felt like I was a circus juggling both forms of engagement at the same time. 

But after several cases of trial and error and research, I discovered several student engagement strategies for hybrid learning that will save you time and energy.

These strategies are perfect if you are feeling:

  • Overwhelmed
  • You have no idea how to keep both engaged at the same time
  • Like finding something all the kids will relate to is nearly impossible

So grab a coffee because today we are going to cover:

  • What is Student Engagement For Hybrid Learning?
  • Why is Student Engagement For Hybrid Learning Important?
  • 3 Student Engagement Strategies For Hybrid Learning That You NEED To Incorporate in Your Classroom
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