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How to Differentiate Instruction While Distance Learning

“Finally, as a Virtual Teaching Kindergarten Teacher, I was able to breathe and rest easy knowing that my students were actually learning.”

This is me now. 

But it wasn’t that long ago when I was hastily packing up my classroom. Grabbing everything in sight as we ventured into the unknown world of Distance Learning. 

I brought home everything I could: paper, books, calendars, whiteboards. Not knowing what this term “Virtual Learning” actually entailed. That’s when all the questions started:

“Will I still be able to assess my students?”

“How do I know that they are actually learning?”

“Can I still meet my students at the skill levels they are currently at if I can’t even work with them one on one?”

Fast forward 7 months… and we are still here. 

Except for this time, I can rest easy. Because I finally found the answer to my problem: Differentiated Instruction.

Now I know some might get an uneasy feeling by the phrase “Differentiated Instruction.” Some people might even want to click out of this post. 

I was the same when I first started. Distance Learning is already hard enough, how am I supposed to Differentiate Instruction too?

But I am here to tell you that Differentiating Instruction is exactly the answer you are looking for. Differentiating Instruction does not have to be that difficult. In fact, I guarantee there are some ideas that I am going to suggest that you are already doing.

Because of Differentiating Instruction, I go to bed at night happily knowing that my students are learning. I know that because of all the systems I have set in place, I have time to do things that I enjoy most. Like building relationships. 

And I want to share with you exactly how I got there with this step by step post on how to use Differentiated Instruction while Distance Learning. But first, let’s go over what Differentiated Instruction is.

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