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How “Mentoring Down” Immediately Improved My Blog

I still remember the day that I thought about quitting my business. I was sitting at my desk looking at Pinterest trying to figure out how to raise my sales as a TPT Seller. 

I got so frustrated and overwhelmed by all of the information that I thought about giving up. 

We’ve all been there. As a new blogger or Teachers Pay Teachers Seller, there is so much information out there.

You scroll through Pinterest trying to figure out how to do something. 

And instead of getting a clear answer, there are sometimes several different ways to do something and you get frustrated.

This happened to me. And I mean a lot!

I would be so obsessed with researching before I started, that I would often get conflicting information that would frustrate me!

It wasn’t until that moment that I realized: I am doing this to myself.

As a new TPT Seller, I was so worried about finding the right “Niche” and “Niching-down” that I didn’t realize I also needed to “Mentor-Down.”

Okay, hold on! What do you mean by “Mentor Down?” 

Well, I’m glad you asked! 

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