The Present Teacher

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Simple, Authentic, and Actionable Strategies to Creating an Inclusive Future

Prioritizing your own health and dreams, balancing family life is hard and creating that impact in the classroom you have always dreamed of is hard. 

Trust me, I’ve been there!


That’s why I’ve spent years studying and researching to create the best programs out there for teachers just like you!

Because "Together we are stronger."

-Helena <3

If you’re anything like me, you might be looking around at your colleagues wondering “how do they do it?!” You are the first car in the parking lot and the last one to leave. And yet somehow, it doesn’t all get done. Meanwhile your coworkers are leaving close to contract time and you might be wondering “what’s the secret?!”


You love to show up and make an impact with your students, but every morning you are feeling less and less motivated to keep up with the “hustle.”

In this 4 episode podcast I will cover topics like:

  • The Secret to Breaking the Pattern of Burnout
  • The Top Mistakes to Avoid While Trying to Take Better Care of Yourself
  • The 5 Ingredients for Creating Balanced Healthy Habits… For Life!
  • The Key to Finding Balance and Consistency in Your Self-Care Habits


Let me guess… you would love to feel energized, inspired, and ready to impact kids at your school, embrace your purpose, and feel good doing it.

BUT instead you are feeling overwhelmed, staying up to late, grading, you can barely fit in your self-care.

You know that cultivating a healthy lifestyle is important.

So why is it so hard?

What other teachers say:

"Helena is a natural born teacher. Her enthusiasm is felt through the screen! I am motivated just watching her!"
Carmen R.
"Helena's enthusiasm and passion for self-care is my reminder to continue to grow rather than chasing perfection."
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Jean H.
"As a seasoned teacher... I wish I'd known this during my first 3 years of teaching. So valuable!"
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Paola I.