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Join a community tailored just for you, where you’ll transform from feeling overwhelmed to confidently navigating the classroom like a pro.

Stepping into the world of teaching as a newbie can feel like navigating a dense forest without a map. The weight of responsibilities, the ever-changing landscape of student dynamics, and the pressure to be perfect right from the start can be daunting.

You might step into the classroom and feel like...

Stepping into the world of teaching as a newbie can feel like navigating a dense forest without a map. The weight of responsibilities, the ever-changing landscape of student dynamics, and the pressure to be perfect right from the start can be daunting.


You’re running a never-ending race, always trying to catch up but never quite getting there.


You’re a fish out of water, uncertain if every decision you make is the right one.


You’re supposed to figure this out on your own, craving support and guidance but not sure where to turn.

➡️ Sunday nights are filled with anxiety, wondering if you’ve prepped enough for the upcoming week or if you’ll be scrambling yet again..

➡️ You’ve found yourself envying other teachers who seem to have it all together, questioning if you’re truly cut out for this profession.

➡️ Each time a challenging situation arises, a little voice inside wonders if everyone else had it this hard in their first year or if it’s just you.

Hi, I’m Helena, and I’m here to guide and empower you through the challenging early stages of teaching!

👉 I’m here to equip you with actionable strategies that turn overwhelming days into successful ones.

👉 And to provide you with a supportive community where every question is welcomed, every success celebrated, and every challenge met with understanding.

Because I believe that every teacher, especially those just starting out, deserves a foundation that not only lets them survive but truly thrive. Let’s dive into how the Present Teacher Circle can be that game-changer for you.


Navigating the world of teaching can feel like a constant uphill climb, especially when you’re just starting out.

The Present Teacher Circle is your dedicated haven, meticulously crafted to help new elementary educators find their rhythm, build confidence, and establish effective classroom systems. Through our carefully structured modules, supportive community, and actionable lessons, this program ensures you’re not just teaching – you’re thriving. Step into an environment where you’re celebrated, understood, and continuously empowered to make the transformative impact you’ve always envisioned.

“Thank you so much!!!! Your advice has really helped me. I started 2 days ago, so I’ve been learning as much as I can and trying to get caught up since students started 3 weeks ago!! Today I spent all class teaching class discussions and modeling them and having them practice several times. It really helps to show them what I expect and hold them to it as I know you’ve talked about!!” 

— Bre M.

“I used to think I couldn’t get it all done during the work week, but now I know it’s possible with systems in place!” — Miranda A.

“I used to think I couldn’t get it all done during the work week, but now I know it’s possible with systems in place!” — Miranda A.

“The biggest thing I’ve taken away so far is that time management and boundaries go hand in hand. Without one, you can’t succeed!” — Jenn B.

12 Monthly Modules

Navigating the journey of teaching can feel like a labyrinth, especially when you’re just starting out. But imagine having a clear, systematic path that guides you month by month, helping you master the essential pillars of teaching? The Present Teacher Circle is meticulously designed to offer you just that – a year-long transformation, with every module curated to address a key challenge or growth area. Let’s walk you through each one:

Master the art of controlling your classroom environment, ensuring smooth lessons and minimizing disruptions. Get equipped with techniques that’ll make you a pro in no time.

Delve deep into understanding the root causes of disruptive behavior and discover effective strategies to address and prevent such occurrences.

Build a bridge of trust and collaboration with families. Learn communication and relationship-building strategies that will set the tone for a successful academic year.

Streamline and perfect your communication methods. From newsletters to quick chats, ensure clarity and consistency in all interactions.

Transform your classroom into an organized, inviting space. Get hands-on techniques for easy setups, declutters, and maintenance.

Dive into personal and professional decluttering strategies that not only freshen up your space but also rejuvenate your mindset.

Conquer the mountain of grading! With time-efficient techniques, ensure you’re always ahead and never caught in last-minute grading marathons.

Efficiently collect, manage, and analyze classroom data, ensuring you’re informed, prepared, and proactive in all academic decisions.

Leapfrog over common planning hurdles and master strategies to keep you a month ahead, ensuring smooth, impactful lessons.

Whether it’s for unexpected substitutes or personal days, ensure your class runs smoothly even in your absence.

Connect deeply and genuinely with your students. Be present, impactful, and create moments they’ll cherish forever.

Conclude the year with introspection, understanding, and preparation. Reset, realign, and get ready to tackle another impactful year ahead.

Monthly Digital Journal

 Each month, dive into thought-provoking prompts tailored to match the theme of the current module. These journals are designed to foster introspection, helping you identify your strengths, address challenges, and track your teaching journey’s evolution. Whether you’re penning down your daily experiences or reflecting on your long-term goals, these journals will be your trusty companion.

Monthly Coffee Chats

Join Helena and your fellow educators for a rejuvenating monthly coffee hour. These sessions offer a relaxed environment where you can share experiences, ask questions, or simply listen and learn from others. It’s a wonderful way to connect, gain insights, and celebrate little victories. Bring your beverage of choice and let’s create beautiful moments of camaraderie and shared learning!

Quarterly Guest Speakers

Every quarter, enhance your teaching arsenal with insights from guest experts. Voted on by the community, these speakers dive deep into pertinent topics, bringing fresh perspectives and actionable advice. These sessions are interactive, so you’ll have a chance for Q&A, ensuring you extract the maximum value. From teaching methodologies to self-care tips, every guest session is a treasure trove of knowledge.

Online Facebook Community

Step into a vibrant, supportive community of educators who ‘get it’. Our exclusive Facebook community is a space to share, connect, and grow. Whether you’re seeking advice on a classroom challenge, wanting to share a success story, or just need a word of encouragement on a tough day, this community has your back. Experience the joy of collaborative learning and the warmth of genuine connections in the Present Teacher Circle Facebook group.

The Present Teacher Circle isn't just another course—it's built around a meticulously designed framework that comprehensively addresses every vital aspect of teaching.

This systematic approach ensures that you not only learn but thrive in every dimension of your teaching journey, from managing your classroom to making lasting impacts on your students.

👉 Dive deep into a method that simplifies yet magnifies the art of teaching, guiding you phase by phase toward complete classroom mastery.

👉 Align your teaching practices with a structure that’s proven, tailored, and fully supportive, ensuring that every challenge you face has a strategic solution waiting in our program.

...then the Thriving Teacher Framework within the Present Teacher Circle is here to help you achieve and exceed those teaching aspirations!

We've crafted two flexible pricing plans to meet your needs. Both offer the same transformative content; it's just about finding the right fit for your budget and pace!

Here’s what’s included when you join the Present Teacher Circle:

Option 1:
Monthly Membership


  • Access to all Monthly Modules, released monthly (Value: $1,164)
  • Monthly Digital Journals (Value $324)
  • Monthly Coffee Hours 
  • Quarterly Guest Speakers ($508)
  • Access to the Online Facebook Community

Total Value: $2,190

Option 2:
Annual Membership


  • Access to all Monthly Modules, released monthly (Value: $1,164)
  • Monthly Digital Journals (Value $324)
  • Monthly Coffee Hours 
  • Quarterly Guest Speakers ($508)
  • Access to the Online Facebook Community

Total Value: $2,190

Ever stumbled on your words or felt uncertain about how to communicate effectively with your students’ families? I get it.

That’s why I’m including my exclusive Family Communication Guide for all members of the Present Teacher Circle! This guide comes packed with ready-to-use scripts and templates designed to help you navigate those essential conversations with ease and professionalism.

Your confidence in communication just got an upgrade.

I believe wholeheartedly in the Present Teacher Circle and its potential to transform your teaching experience. That’s why I’m offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.. 

If within the first 7 days of joining, you feel the program isn’t the right fit for you, just email me at thepresentteacher@gmail.com. I’ll provide a full refund, no questions asked. I want you to feel confident in your decision, knowing that there’s absolutely no risk in giving the program a try. Your success and satisfaction are my top priorities.

Helena Hains is a passionate educator and mentor with a heart for guiding new teachers toward success. From her early days in the classroom to her current role as the visionary behind the Present Teacher Circle, Helena’s journey is a testament to her dedication to the teaching profession.

Over the years, she’s faced the challenges of being a new teacher, navigated the complexities of classroom dynamics, and learned valuable strategies to ensure a thriving teaching environment. Now, she’s on a mission to share her insights, wisdom, and actionable strategies with educators worldwide. 

Helena’s approach is deeply personal, rooted in her own experiences, and is focused on creating a supportive community for teachers to grow, connect, and thrive. When she’s not coaching or developing resources, Helena enjoys spending quality time with her family, exploring nature, and diving into a good book.


The Present Teacher Circle is a comprehensive membership program tailored for first-year elementary teachers. It’s designed to guide, support, and empower new educators through a blend of monthly modules, digital journals, coffee hours, guest speakers, and an active online community. Our goal? Transform your first-year challenges into strengths, ensuring you thrive in the classroom.

Every month, members receive a new module filled with actionable lessons, paired with a digital journal to reinforce and reflect upon the learnings. Additionally, we host monthly coffee hours for real-time discussions and bring in guest speakers quarterly. Plus, our Facebook community is buzzing 24/7 for daily inspiration, questions, and support.

The beauty of the Present Teacher Circle is its rolling enrollment. While we do have specific launch periods, you can join our waitlist at any time. When spots open up, you’ll be the first to know!

Not at all! We’ve designed the program with simplicity in mind. If you can navigate Facebook, you’ll find our platform a breeze. And if you ever run into issues, our support team is just a click away to help.

We truly believe in the transformative power of the Present Teacher Circle, but we understand it might not be for everyone. That’s why we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If within the first week, you feel the program isn’t a good fit, just let us know, and we’ll process a full refund. Your success and satisfaction are paramount to us!

Absolutely! We’ve welcomed teachers from various levels, including those outside of elementary education, and they’ve all had fantastic experiences and provided positive feedback.

Absolutely! While the program is designed to address the unique challenges and concerns of first-year teachers, even experienced educators can benefit from revitalizing their classroom approach. Helena’s insights and techniques offer a fresh perspective, no matter how long you’ve been in the profession.

“Helena is a natural-born teacher.”

“Her enthusiasm is felt through the screen! I am motivated just watching her!”

– Carmen R.

Your journey as a new teacher doesn’t have to be riddled with doubts and challenges.

With the right support, tools, and community, you can truly thrive in your role and make an impact that lasts. Don’t let another day go by wondering if you’re cut out for this. Join the Present Teacher Circle and transform your teaching journey today.