10 New TPT Seller Tips That Will Transform Your Business

Are you a TPT Seller who's looking for TPT Seller Tips? In this post I talk about the top 10 ways to transform your Business with keyword research, thumbnails, and more. Click to read more and get access to my free Keyword Research Workbook! @thepresentteacher


As a new Teachers Pay Teachers Seller it can be hard to find tips or answers to your questions. When I first started there was hardly anyone talking about TPT Seller Tips.

If you scroll through Pinterest, you might find a couple of old posts that were written years ago about how to start your TPT Business. Some of the information might be a little outdated or they don’t answer the questions that you need answers to.

When I was a new TPT Seller, I had the same problem. I couldn’t find TPT Sellers who were giving a lot of free information to New Sellers. 

Well except for a few on Youtube. But more on that later. 

The answers I did find weren’t answering the questions that I had. But I was determined to make my TPT Store a success. So I decided to learn by Trial and Error.

I’m here to tell you that as a new TPT Seller, you do not have to do this. Today I am going to be sharing my Top 10 New TPT Seller Tips that will Transform your Business. In this article, I specifically tried to answer the question that I had as a seller that no one was answering.

These TPT Seller Tips will save you time that you don’t need to spend learning by trial and error. Like I did.

Because together we are stronger!

So without further ado, here are the Top 10 TPT Seller Tips that you need to read right now!


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Are you a New TPT Seller who is looking for New TPT Seller Tips? Are you wanting to transform your new business? Click now to read the Top 10 TPT Seller Tips that you won't want to miss.

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    Mentor Down

    When I first started as a New TPT Seller I started by scrolling through Pinterest and learning everything that I could. 

    I would read all the articles I could find. Which wasn’t that many.

    And I tried to implement all of the strategies I had learned about. Because I thought ‘More is better, right?’

    Well, I’m here to tell you:

    That is not the most effective way to start your business. 

    Don’t get me wrong, looking and browsing is okay. But if you are anything like me, I would often get frustrated by all the information (or sometimes the lack thereof) and not get consistent results.

    Sound familiar?

    Well, I have an answer to that problem:

    Find a Mentor.

    Yes, you need a mentor.

    When you try to modge podge a bunch of different strategies together and learn from trial and error, you are wasting time.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I learned A LOT from these moments. However, if I would have stuck with my mentors from the get-go, I would have gotten better results faster.

    Who Do I Follow?

    There are so many mentors out there and you need to find the one who speaks to you as a Seller. For me, I have two amazing mentors who not only uplifted my self-esteem but my business as well. 

    And that is:

    Becca has an amazing Youtube Channel where she gives Teacher Pay Teachers Tips. She was one of the few who were openly discussing her business. If you haven’t heard of her, definitely check her out!

    Catherine is the creator of the Content Bug and she used to (now her business is doing so well that she is a Youtuber) focus on blogging, Pinterest, and SEO. 

    I know, she’s not a TPT Seller. But she has given me an amazing tool that has transformed my business to be where it is today! (If you want to find out more about the tool that I used, you can read about it in my post on “How Mentoring Down Transformed My Business.”)

    My point is, you don’t need to follow people in your niche. In fact, you learn best when you “Mentor Down” and follow the people that are from a variety of backgrounds. You want to follow Pros who know the exact answers to your questions.


      Figuring Out What Your Customers Want

      Okay, I am going to be completely honest with you. I struggled with this until recently.

      This was something that no one was talking about. I couldn’t figure out how to create content that people wanted. Which is a huge thing you need to do as a TPT Seller if you want your business to grow!

      When I first started, I struggled because I would make things that people wouldn’t buy. 

      Here are my tips for you to figure out which content to make that your audience wants. That way you can continue confidently and know that your content will sell. 

      1. Don’t make what everyone else is.
      2. If you do create something similar, put your own “spin” to it.
      3. Focus on solving a problem.

      This is HUGE when it comes to content creation! 

      If you have an idea for a product to make for TPT, do your research to see if it’s already been done. 

      If it has already been done but you want to make it differently, make your own spin to it.

      For example, I needed Sight Word Worksheets for my class. The only thing was, I needed them to be differentiated because I had a lot of students at different skill levels.

      When I looked on TPT I found A TON of Sight Word Worksheets. But I couldn’t find the differentiated ones I had in mind. So I created them!

      TPT Seller Tip: How to Transform your TPT Store with Keyword Research. Click to find out how you can do Keyword Research to transform your business. @thepresentteacher

      Now my product is unique and it stands out from all the rest because it’s different.

      It also solves a problem. For instance, I needed worksheets for my students that would meet them at the skill level they were at right now. My worksheets were the answer to this problem.

      Product Checklist

      Another one of the New TPT Seller Tips I have for you is to create a checklist on all of the steps you need to do while making a product.

      In my first couple of months making products, I would stumble and forget some of the steps. So much so, that I accidentally gave one of my products away for free for a whole month. 

      Oops, oh well!

      With practice, however, it becomes like second nature. Eventually, you have created so many products, that it becomes natural. 

      But until then, if you are struggling with all the things you want to incorporate into your product: make a checklist.

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        SEO and Keyword Research

        This is probably one of the BIGGEST New TPT Seller Tips that I could give you. If you were to take away anything from this article it would be this: Do your Keyword Research.

        This is so HUGE!

        Like you don’t understand. This COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED my business.

        Trust me, you are going to thank me later!

        As a New TPT Seller, I struggled with getting my products to the top of the search.

        I would spend hours checking all my products to see where they were if you typed in certain keywords.

        And I was never on the first page until I did my Keyword Research.

        Looking to get higher in search? Use Keyword Research to get higher in search. Click now to read how I got all of my products on the first page on TPT. #tptsellertips @thepresentteacher

        Okay, I understand the importance of keywords. But Helena, what are Keywords? 

        Well, I’m glad you asked!

        What are Keywords?

        If you haven’t heard of the term “Keywords,” according to Google Keywords are “a word or concept of great significance.” It is also “an informative word used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of a document.”

        Keywords are your bread and butter. They are what people are going to type into Google to find you. And if you can figure out exactly what people are typing, then you are golden!

        When you look up Keywords, you are researching what words you need to put in your descriptions, titles, alt texts, etc. for your audience to reach your content. Or to find you through search.

        The more and better keywords you have the more ways people can find you. (DISCLAIMER: Without Keyword stuffing, because you can get penalized for that).

        And more ways to find you means more people to find you. And more people to find you, means more people to look at your products.

        Make sense? Here let’s give the following example:

        For my sight word worksheets I did my Keyword Research and discovered the following keywords:

        TPT Seller Tip: How to Transform your TPT Store with Keyword Research. Click to find out how you can do Keyword Research to transform your business. @thepresentteacher

        After I discovered what people were looking up in relation to my Keyword, I was able to embed it into my product description. Hence, higher on the search.

        But this is just the beginning. There is so much out there about keywords. For now, if you want to find out how I research Keywords, get my freebie down below!

        Learn How to do Keyword Research Like a PRO!

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          The next New TPT Seller Tip I have is pricing. Now I’m not sure where this all started, but somewhere along the way, someone came up with 10 cents per page. 

          Now while this is a good theory, I discovered that no one was buying my Sight Words when they came out. And that’s because I followed the 10 cents rule. And my products were priced too high. 

          For instance, there are 90 Pages in each of my worksheets. If I went by the 10 cents per page rule I would have charged $9.00 for each product. 

          Now that is just WAY too much. Of course, I thought that in the beginning too. So I cut the price in half and charged $4.50 for the worksheets. 

          It was still too much!

          These were my first products and I didn’t make any sales my first month. 

          Yep, you heard me. No one wanted to buy these, because they were too much. It was only until I brought the price down, did they finally start selling.

          Although the 10 cents rule is a good starting point, there are some exceptions you should consider.

          • If they are duplicates (like my sight words) that are just modified, consider charging 3 to 5 cents per page. 
          • Compare your products to similar products and adjust the price accordingly.
          • Experiment for 2 Weeks at a different price. If they sell, great! If not, adjust accordingly.

          Disclaimer: This may not only be the sole reason they are not selling. There are other factors like Keyword use, Marketing, Covers, Previews, etc. that can play a major factor in selling or not.

          TPT Seller Tip about Pricing. Click to read more on how I transformed my TPT Business by changing my prices. @thepresentteacher

          Work Before the Seasons

          So you have just finished posting your product after researching what your audience needs. You came up with amazing keywords, made sure that you used the Product checklist, and you have it priced just right. Great!

          And then something amazing happens…

          It starts to sell like crazy!

          Congrats! You are halfway there.

          Yes, I said halfway.

          You are so excited about the newfound hit that you want to do it again. But how?

          Well, one idea is to create the same product but for different seasons.

          Now I know what you’re thinking:

          But New Sellers aren’t supposed to make Seasonal Products. 

          Well, I disagree.

          I was told as a new seller not to waste my time with seasonal products. Many people told me that I should just expand my base products first. 

          But I didn’t listen. I decided to create seasonal products anyway because I wanted to see what would happen.

          I created these Kissing Hand Digital Activities. And they sold like crazy!

          Now I had two choices to make: Do I make something else? OR Do I adapt this product to different products? 

          Well, I went with adapting the same product, just to see what would happen.

          And what do you know? They sold like crazy!

           Now I have a Fall, Halloween, and Winter edition!

          But one of the keys to getting them to sell was that I created them BEFORE the season started.

          This is something I feel like most New Sellers miss and can be a huge make or break for a product. That’s why it’s the sixth New TPT Seller Tip.

          If you work before the season, that gives your product enough time to gain traction before the season ends. 

          Trust me this is a lifesaver!

          TPT Seller TIp: Work Before the Seasons

Click Here to read how I increased my profits by making seasonal products before the season actually started.


          80/20 Rule

          Are you learning a lot yet? I hope so because this next one is going to blow your mind! The seventh New Sellers TPT Tip is to follow the 80/20 rule.

          What is the rule?

          I’m glad you asked! The 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, is a business theory. There is also a whole book on it created by Richard Koch. You can find “The 80/20 Principle” on Amazon if you want to check it out!

          But basically, the 80/20 Principle is the concept that 80% of outcomes result from 20% of all causes.

          Okay, that’s great and all but what does that mean for a business?

          About 20% of your products create about 80% of your profit. 

          Nah, there is no way that can be true!

          Okay, let’s look at my store and see! 

          Are you a TPT Seller who is looking for TPT Seller Tips? In this post I talk about the 80/20 Principle and how it applies to my business.

          Based on the spreadsheet above, I can see that my Bundles made the most money. In fact, my bundles made $54 Dollars. My 3 products out of 9 made $54. In this instance, we could say that 30 percent of my products made about 53% of my profits.

          So as you can see, it may not be exactly 80% to 20%, but there is an imbalance. Based on these results, I would presume that I need to spend more time to create Bundles to increase profits.

          What does that mean for my business?

          Well, what I am trying to say is: focus on what you sell more of and what you enjoy. Then your profits will increase!

          There are more uses of this theory that you can apply to the TPT Realm. This is just one way to utilize it. I will be talking about it later in another post. But until then I highly recommend you check out the book. It catapulted my business forward like nothing else!

          Customer Service

          The next New TPT Seller Tip is to have amazing Customer Service skills. Now, this may seem daunting. But if you think about your Customers as your students, it won’t be that hard to have great Customer Service Skills. 

          Customer Service is SO important because the better you treat your customers, the more likely they are to come back. 

          In fact, I don’t even think of my “Customers” as customers. To me, they are my followers and friends. We are all a team. 

          There are so many amazing teachers out there! Your followers can become your biggest inspiration.

          You must treat them like they are valuable because your goal is to create a valuable relationship with them. If you value each of your followers like your students, then you are going to create amazing relationships and an amazing team. 

          After all, this is what being a Seller is all about. Right?!

          So here are my top TPT Seller Tips on how to have amazing customer service.

          • Respond to each of their reviews like you are so excited to hear from them. (I know I am!)
          • Make sure to respond to their questions and emails. 
          • Treat them like they are more than your “customers.”

          Making Amazing Thumbnails, Pins, and… Products?

          This is one New TPT Seller Tip that I have been ecstatic to share! Making my brand stand out has been one of my goals this quarter. And now, I finally have templates made for all of my Pinterest Pins, TPT Thumbnails, and so much more.

          I use Canva!

          Canva is amazing! When I first started, I used Powerpoint for everything. And you can tell the difference.

          One of the best TPT Seller Tips is to have great covers. Click to read how to create amazing covers for your tpt  products. @thepresentteacher
          Old TPT Covers with Powerpoint
          One of the best TPT Seller Tips is to have great covers. Click to read how to create amazing covers for your tpt  products. @thepresentteacher
          New TPT Covers with Canva

          I love the effects you can use to make your covers pop! Did I mention that it’s also free?!

          But that is not the only thing I use Canva for. Have you ever thought of making products with Canva?

          Remember those “Kissing Hand” Products I was talking about? I made parts of those with Canva. (I am thinking about making a tutorial or blog post on this. What are your thoughts?)

          Canva is super easy to use, and I love that I can use the app on my phone. Feel free the checkout Canva here, if you haven’t already. You won’t want to miss out!

          Make You Own Clipart

          Another great TPT Seller Tip I have is to make your own clipart. When I first started, I wanted to be as unique as possible. So I started creating my own clipart.

          Even though doing your own clipart might sound scary, it can be very enjoyable and easy to do. 

          I watched this video to get started. And after this video, I was hooked and created my own clipart. Like this raccoon!

          TPT Seller Tip Number 10. Learn to make your own clip art. Click here to read more about why you should make your own clipart as a TPT Seller. 


          When you learn to make your own clipart, you can make the design of your products unique. Instead of using the same ones that other authors use. 

          Now you don’t have to do this. But it helped me create products faster and it gives you a unique look!

          Bonus: Self Improvement and Care

          Even though I only said 10 New TPT Seller Tips, I love to share. And I saved the best for last!

          The final and biggest New TPT Seller Tip I have is Self-Improvement and Self-Care. 

          “Money always comes to you through other people, but it comes from Universal Intelligence, as do all things. Which is why focusing on the frequency of your thoughts, not the people you hope to make money from, is the key to getting rich.”

          -Jen Sincero: “You are a Badass at Making Money”

          This is a quote by one of my all-time favorite books. Jen Sincero is an amazing author who talks about mindset and frequency to accomplishing your dreams. 

          Through the Book “You are a Badass at Making Money,” I learned about the importance of self-improvement in order to achieve your dreams. 

          As a New TPT Seller, I had a lot of boundaries that were blocking me from achieving my goals. I realized after reading this book that those boundaries, were just myself getting in my own way.

          That’s why it has been a passion of mine to Improve myself as a person through self-care and self-improvement.

          It’s all about mindset.

          And if you transform who you are as a person, you will see astonishing results. 

          Jen Sincero also mentions that “Our thoughts are linked to the invisible energy that makes up all that is, and they help mold it into that which we experience on the physical plane.”

          So if there are any doubts in your mind about what you can accomplish, I invite you to change your mindset. Because the only thing stopping you from accomplishing your dreams is you. You can do whatever you are determined to do.



          Let’s summarize the 10 (Actually 11) TPT Seller Tips we covered in this post:

          • Find a mentor that you trust and motivate you.
          • Figure out what customers want through research and solving a problem.
          • Use a checklist to make sure you got everything covered while uploading your resources. 
          • Utilize Keyword Research to optimize your Business.
          • Figure out the ideal price for your items.
          • Post seasonal products before the season to maximize marketing potential.
          • Utilize the 80/20 Principle by focusing on what products sell the most and the ones you are passionate about.
          • Treat your “Customers” like your students or as members of your team.
          • Make amazing thumbnails, covers, pins, and even Products using Canva.
          • Have a go at making your own clipart.
          • Invest in yourself and your mindset.

          Thank you so much for reading this blog post. I loved creating these TPT Seller Tips because I honestly remember what it was like when I just started. I had an amazing team of Mentors behind me, which I am sure you will too. If you have any questions or need some help please feel free to reach out.

          Because together, we are stronger. 

          Happy Teaching!

          The Present Teacher Signature @thepresentteacher