How to Transform Your Teachers Pay Teachers Store with Convertkit

Are you a new or veteran Seller on Teachers Pay Teachers who needs to start an email list? Click now to read why Convertkit is the perfect Platform for you. @thepresentteacher


According to Satista.com about 306.4 Billion Emails were sent and received each day in 2020.

That’s a crazy amount of emails sent each day! 

It’s no surprise then, as a New TPT Seller, I was a little apprehensive about starting my email list. 

When I first started as a Seller I wanted to send emails the right way. I didn’t want to be just one of the hundreds of emails that nobody opened.

In email marketing, it’s important to stand out and build a community that you want to be a part of. 

It seems like everyone I know is saying to get an email list. But they never explained which platform to use and why.

After a lot of research, I came across this Podcast “I am a Creator” and I was immediately hooked. This podcast was so motivational that I would listen to it on days that I felt like doing nothing. (Don’t worry more about this later!)

That’s when I decided to take a closer look at Convertkit.

Today we are going to go over:

  • What is Convertkit?
  • How can you use Convertkit as a TPT Seller?
  • And why you should consider using Convertkit.

In all honesty, I have been wanting to write this post for months! I am so excited to share all of the information I found for you, so let’s go ahead and get started!

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Are you a new or veteran Teachers Pay Teachers Seller who wants to start an email list? Click now to read how you can use Convertkit to Transform your TPT Business for Free!

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    What is Convertkit?

    Convertkit is an email marketing tool that “Helps Creators earn a living online.” 

    Essentially, Convertkit is an email provider that utilizes education to help grow businesses through email. 

    It has so many free resources for its users, that it’s no wonder that according to Convertkit.com, Convertkit has over 250,000 users. 

    Convertkit has everything from free learning modules, to webinars and trainings. 

    The number one priority of Convertkit is to be user friendly and to help its users grow their audience. 

    Among other email providers like Mailchimp, I have never seen an email provider have so many free resources. 

    How much does Convertkit cost?

    While using Convertkit there are two plans: Free and Paid.

    With the Free version, you get access to landing pages and forms like these.

    You also get access to Broadcasts, which is sending an email to all of your audience at once.

    This is perfect for New TPT Sellers because you can send a weekly newsletter without getting too complicated. And you can do all of this for free.

    The other Plan is the Paid Plan. This plan varies based on how many people you have in your audience.

    With the Paid Plan you get access to sequences and automations. This is just a fancy way of saying you can automate your emails to do all the work for you.

    You also get access to personalization features like coding the emails to put in a person’s name into the email.

    How long is the Free Trial?

    The Free Plan in Convertkit, from what I can tell, is endless. I used this plan for MONTHS before I switched over to a paid plan. 

    For me, I loved sending my users broadcasts every week like a weekly newsletter. 

    That way I was still on their mind without paying for it. 

    This also gave me a great advantage because I was able to build my audience before paying for them. 

    It also gave me time to learn all about sequences and automations before I switched over to the paid plan.

    Why would you want to pay for automations?

    I love using my automations because I can personalize the emails my audience is getting based on their interests. 

    For example, if they are a new teacher wanting some advice and tips I can set up personalized emails to address their problems or “pain points.”


    If I have a Veteran Teacher, however, that wants help with Differentiated Instruction, I can create a different sequence that is different from the New Teachers Sequence.

    Having different sequences and automations allows the audience access to the content that they want and need. 

    I also love how evergreen it is. For instance, I can have a new person join my list tomorrow. Without doing anything they will automatically get emails for the next 3 months without me thinking about it.

    Also, when you send people through automations and sequences you tend to have a higher open rate and click rate because you are sending content that is tailored to them. 

    The final reason I love automations is you can set up an email course. An email course is a series of emails that has value and teaches your audience something they can benefit from.

    This leads to a large number of people joining your email list!

      How Can You Use Convertkit as a TPT Seller?

      As a new seller, it can be daunting to figure out what to send your email list. That’s why I wanted to share with you my top ideas on what to use Convertkit for as a TPT Seller. 

      Utilize Broadcasts

      Broadcasts, as we mentioned before, are emails that you send to your entire email list at one time. 

      One way that I like to utilize Broadcasts, is I send a weekly Newsletter to my audience. In the Newsletter, I can cover hot topics, provide free content to my audience, and send the occasional promotional email around a TPT Sell. 

      I also like to let my audience know when I come out with free content like a blog post. That way they are the first people that have access to my content and I have returning visitors to my content. 

      Notify Audience On Sales

      One of the benefits of having an email list is you can let your audience know when there is a Teachers Pay Teachers Sale.

      This is especially helpful since a lot of teachers may not know about the sale. I often also include links to my best sellers in these emails so my audience knows what they can expect if they go to my store.

      Let Audience Know About New Products

      Another favorite thing of mine is to use my email is to give my audience a heads up when I am creating something new. 

      This can be anything from new products on Teachers Pay Teachers, a new book, blog post, youtube video, or course. 

      Giving your audience a “behind the scenes look” at what you are creating helps build that rapport with them and helps them feel special.

      This brings me to my next point on the importance of email.

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        Building Relationships

        I saved the best for last because this is the number one reason why email is so important. Unlike Social Media, emails get sent directly to your audience which allows you to have control over how often your audience hears from you.

        I love my email team because I have learned so much from them. They give me so many ideas and they are my inspiration to show up every day.

        Having your email list allows you to serve and build relationships with some amazing people that you otherwise may not have met.

        This is what email and community are all about.

        One of my favorite quotes from Patt Flynn the creator of The Smart Passive Income is this:

        “How much money you make is a byproduct of how well you serve your audience.”

        Pat Flynn (The Smart Passive Income)

        Why I LOVE Convertkit

        Convertkit is AMAZING and here is why:

        1. They have Free and User-Friendly Options for Beginners.
        2. Convertkit has Learning Modules for You to Get Started With
        3. There is an amazing, inspirational Podcast from Convertkit called “I am a Creator.”
        4. They want you to Succeed because the better you do, the better they do as well.
        5. I love their Mission and their “why.”

        Overall Convertkit is such an amazing Email Platform. And if you haven’t already, I highly recommend clicking on their website right now and checking them out.

        Out of all the things as a business owner I have to do, I am so glad that I do not have to worry about email. Convertkit makes email marketing easy and enjoyable. 

        Thanks to Convertkit I know that I am a Creator.


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