How I Improved My TPT Income From $0 to $186 in 6 Months

Are you a New TPT Seller who isn't sure how much you can make on Teachers Pay Teachers? In this post I break down my first 6 months of earnings and lessons. Click now to read my 6 Month Income Report. @thepresentteacher


“Dreams without goals are just dreams.” -Denzel Washington

As a new Teachers Pay Teachers Seller, it can be hard to predict what your journey may look like.

When I first started, I could hardly find any Income Reports for TPT Sellers. 

This was discouraging because I didn’t know what was realistic or if I was headed down the right path.

That’s why I would like to share with you my 6 Month Income Report as a TPT Seller. 

The longer I am a Seller, the more I love creating content. As well as the journey of a creator. 

I can say that as a creator, each journey is unique. And you may see completely different numbers than I do.

With that being said I am so excited to share with you my adventure the last couple of months, and all of the wonderful things I have learned.

So let’s get started!

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Are you a New TPT Seller who isn't sure how much you can make on Teachers Pay Teachers? In this post I break down my first 6 months of earnings and lessons. Click now to read my 6 Month Income Report. @thepresentteacher

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    TPT Seller 6 Month Income Report

    I have broken down this Income Report based on each month. 

    I started my Journey around the beginning of July in 2020. If you would like to read about my First 3 Months as a TPT Seller, you can check it out here. 

    In this article, I am going to cover my stats for October, November, and December. 

    October TPT Income Report

    In October, many Districts were still teaching virtually, hence I decided to make a lot of digital products. 

    My statistics for October were as follows:

    October Statistics

    In October I sold 116 Products which put me at an earning of $160.12!

    October TPT Income Report Earnings 2020
    October Units Sold on TPT 2020 @thepresentteacher

    This was more than double what I made and sold in September. 

    For October, I also had 1,710 views. This was a lot higher than the 588 views that I had in September. 

    October Views 2020 on TPT @thepresentteacher

    I am truly blessed and grateful that I double my earnings in one month.

     In October I made 8 more products. This put me at a total of 48 products in my store. All of which was Digital Fall or Holiday themed products.

    October Reflection

    The month of October was a very hard month, especially while teaching virtually. However, I did learn a lot in my 4th month of selling. 

    The first thing I learned was the importance of Pinterest. During this time my traffic from Pinterest was starting to pick up. 

    I honestly have Tailwind to thank for that. 

    Another thing I learned in October was the importance of holiday products. 

    In October, I made hardly any sales on my evergreen products.

    That’s why I am so glad that I made digital Fall and Halloween products that other teachers needed. 

    The final thing I learned in October was the importance of impact.

    As a TPT Seller, it can be nice to make money. However, the main reason I wanted to create products was to help others.

    In October, I got so many heart-warming reviews. 

    And let me tell you, knowing that what you created made an impact is more than money will ever be worth.

    “Knowing that what you created made an impact is more than money will ever be worth.

    THe Present Teacher

    So overall this month I learned:

    • Make sure to utilize Pinterest and Tailwind
    • Create Holiday Products
    • Be Grateful for the Impact

    November TPT Income Report

    In November I crashed! Everything plummeted which made me think that October was just a fluke.

    Here are the stats for November:

    November Statistics

    In November I sold 26 products and earned $34.99. 

    November TPT Income Report Units Sold
    November TPT Income Report Earnings @thepresentteacher

    Overall I had 556 views which put my conversion at 4%. 

    November Views TPT Income Report @thepresentteacher

    So what changed?!

    November Reflection

    There were 3 main factors that impacted the results of November.

    The first was my lack of consistency. 

    In November, I started working from home.

     While this may sound amazing and I had more time, I found myself not spending as much time on my Business. 

    After transitioning to working from home again, it was difficult to find a routine. That’s why it is so important to get a routine going.

    The next factor that impacted the results was that Pinterest changed its algorithm. 

    While this is normal and does happen from time to time, my strategy for Pinterest was not working anymore.

    Pinterest stopped prioritizing repinned content and wanted fresh new content.

    This means no reused photos or URLs.

    And creating new content daily was exhausting!

    Within several weeks I became burnt out.

    The final thing that I learned was the importance of Keywords in your Descriptions and Titles. 

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      In my first couple of months, I was creating new products. But I wasn’t naming my products things that my audience was searching for. 

      I also believe that I didn’t have any Holiday Products for Thanksgiving. This hurt me in the long run.

      So overall, this month I learned the importance of:

      • Being Consistent and having a routine.
      • Going easy on myself and preparing for a “transition period” when algorithms change.
      • Make sure to include Keywords in your Titles and Descriptions on TPT.

      December Income Report

      To be honest, I was so apprehensive about what was going to happen in December. 

      My biggest fear was that since things had dropped in November, I wouldn’t be able to repeat what I had done in October. To be honest, my confidence was really low. 

      But it’s always important to keep going, even after you fall.

      The best thing to do is learn and move on. That’s exactly what happened in December.

      December Statistics

      In December I sold 136 total products which put me at $186.60 for my earnings! 

      That was my highest month yet!

      My conversion rate was at 11% and I had 1,205 views. This is great news for only having schools open for the first half of December.

      December Reflection

      In December I stepped up my game. Between November and December, I ended the year with 65 products. 

      And even though my stats had dropped dramatically in November, I pushed on and worked even harder for a better month in December.

      In December, I learned the following:

      It is important to take a break.

      By the end of December, I was feeling burnt out again. And instead of getting ahead as I wanted, this time I listened to myself and gave myself the break I needed.

      Now that it is January I am feeling refreshed and ready to go for the next year.

      The next thing that I learned in December was to plan out Products. One of the reasons November was so hard, was because I wasn’t sure what to make.

      Now I have a planned two months out of products I want to create. That way, I don’t get stuck in a creativity slump.

      The final thing I took away, was to never give up and to not obsess over stats. I decided to take a whole month off from looking at my stats. 

      This helped put into perspective how at the end of the day, creativity is what will get you where you want to be. NOT obsessing over stats. 

      So overall, the biggest takeaways from December are:

      • Give yourself a break.
      • Plan out Products ahead of time.
      • Don’t give up; persevere.


      All in all, I am proud of the growth that I have made. And even though I am not making as much as some, the impact is what matters the most. 

      I hope this article was meaningful, and that you were able to take something away from it. 

      Your numbers may look better than mine, but I just want to say this Journey is yours and know that you are not alone.

      If you need anything, please feel free to reach out! I love helping and I look forward to hearing from you.

      Because “Together we are stronger.”

      With Love,