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Fantastic Primary Activities Inspired by “The Bad Seed”

After a very cold and snowy winter, Spring is right around the corner. 

Are you as excited as I am?

One of my favorite things about Spring is all the wonderfully fun activities I have planned for my Kindergarten class. 

This year I have been focusing on incorporating read aloud into our activities. For example, “The Kissing Hand,” “5 Little Pumpkins,” “Sneezy the Snowman,” to name a few.

Well, this Spring I wanted to focus on something that addressed social and emotional health as well as introduced my kids to a Seed. 

This is because I have a great science experiment with seeds that I will be sharing later in this post.

That’s when I decided to focus my activities around the book “The Bad Seed.”

“The Bad Seed” is a very cute book about a seed that is “bad” who tries his best to become a “good” seed.

This is perfect for reviewing expectations in the classroom and I love the message that no one is a “bad seed.” We can all choose to make good choices if we try.

But, if you have read any of my other blog posts, you know that I don’t let stories end there. 

In this post, I am going to share some great activities to do with your students that are perfect for this book. 

Whether you are in person, hybrid, or teaching virtually (like I am) these activities are great for primary students. Regardless of what learning may look like.

So let’s go ahead and get started!

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Fantastic Valentine’s Day Activities for Distance Learning

Well, it is February 2021 and we are still Virtual Learning. It’s crazy to think that some schools like mine have been virtual since March 2020.

If you have read any of my other posts like “Chester and The Kissing Hand,“Pete the Cat and Halloween,” “The Polar Express and Christmas,” etc, then you know that I love creating resources to go along with your favorite books.

This is such a passion for me because I LOVED books as a kid. And it has been a dream of mine to bring books to life for my kids.

That’s why this Valentine’s Season I am creating Valentine’s Day Activities for Virtual or Distance Learning that can accompany any of your favorite books. 

Because having fun in school is still important, even if you are teaching Virtually. Besides, anything I can do to make your life a little less hectic I am happy to do!

So without further ado here are my top Valentine’s Day Activities For Distance Learning. 

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Top 10 Amazing Teacher Hacks For Teaching Virtually in 2021

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” -Alexander Graham Bell

It’s the new year of 2021 and many schools are still Hybrid or Distance Learning. 

While many teachers enjoyed their Winter Break, many of us created New Year Resolutions for the upcoming year.

One of the top Resolutions for 2021 is to be prepared for Distance or Virtual Learning. 

While we do not have a certainty of what the future may look like, we can be as prepared for the future as we can.

As someone who has been Teaching Virtually since March 2020, I am eager to share some teacher hacks that I have learned.

So if you are someone who is just now teaching virtually, or you want some new hacks and resources to “up your game,” here are the top Teacher Hacks you need for Virtual Teaching in 2021.

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Wonderful “The Polar Express” Activities for Distance Learning

I still remember the first time I saw “The Polar Express” as a child. The movie seemed so vivid and magical that for days I seemed to play “The Polar Express” in my backyard. 

As a teacher, I realize just how magical and impactful the “The Polar Express” book and the movie are. 

As a Student Teacher, I first witnessed my first magical Polar Express Party with my Kindergarten students. My mentor had a natural knack for bringing the book to life for our students. The students seemed so engrossed in the awe behind it all that they didn’t even realize that they were learning.

Once I got my classroom, I wanted to create my own Polar Express Party for my students. In years passed, my students have enjoyed our “The Polar Express” party. Filled with Hot Chocolate, Pajamas, and Golden Tickets.

This year I worried that my Polar Express Party would end due to Distance Learning. Determined, however, I decided to adapt the party into a Digital Party. 

Just because the world is different right now, doesn’t mean we can’t create amazing memories. That’s why I wanted to share my 5 Digital Polar Express Activities I will be doing this winter to keep the ritual going. 

Need Engaging Activities For Your Class That You Can Use Right Now?

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    Digital “Sneezy the Snowman” Activities that will Transform Your Winter

    I’ve always loved Winter. The crunch of snow under my boots. That amazing wood smell from a wood-burning stove. The crisp cold air tickling my nose. And my lungs burning as I sip a spicy frothy Chai Tea Latte. 

    I can’t believe it’s already November. And with winter right around the creator, I have been planning some winter activities for my students. As a student, I always remembered the fun activities we did alongside a good book. 

    That’s why I love sharing stories with my students and theming my activities around books.

    This Winter, I decided to focus on one of my favorites: “Sneezy the Snowman.”

    “Sneezy the Snowman” was published in 2010 by Maureen Wright. And it is a classic! Not only does it have comical humor throughout the story, but I love utilizing this story to have my students retell or predict what will happen next.

    However, this year I ran into a slight problem. This year I am actually still Distance Learning. So the activities that are my typical “Go to’s” won’t work this year.

    That’s why I wanted to share these “Sneezy the Snowman” Distance Learning Activities. Because even though we are still Distance Learning or Hybrid learning, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun! 

    So without further ado here are some Distance Learning Activities for “Sneezy the Snowman.”

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    Are you looking for Digital Activities this winter? Click now to read how to incorporate these amazing digital activities in your classroom for "Sneezy the Snowman." @thepresentteacher

    (This post may contain affiliate or external links. Meaning I get a commision if you purchase anything through my links at no cost to you. Read full disclosure here.)

    Need Engaging Activities For Your Class That You Can Use Right Now?

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      “Sneezy the Snowman” Read Aloud

      In order to make these themed activities a success, you are going to need the book. I found “Sneezy the Snowman” book here on Amazon.

      Another option (especially if you are short on time) is to find a Read-Aloud Online. 

      I personally have the book. However, I always like to have a Read Aloud handy just in case. 

      I went ahead and watched several Read Alouds. These were the best ones by far that you are welcome to check out:

      “Sneezy the Snowman” Writing Activities

      After we either read or watch “Sneezy the Snowman,” I like to have students write about the story. 

      In general, we usually do a “Retell” Activity where students draw or write what happened in the story. This is also a great way to assess Standard CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.K.2. 

      You can either create your own or you are welcome to use mine!

      Another writing activity I might do for “Sneezy the Snowman” is to have students write about what will happen next. 

      At the end of the story, Sneezy the Snowman eats ice cream and he feels just right. I like to ask my students “What do you think Sneezy the Snowman will do next?”

      My students typically answer with things like:

      “Sneezy the Snowman will eat/drink _________ and he melts again.”


      “Sneezy the Snowman goes and _________.”

      Either way, I love it when my students use their imagination and predict what happens next. 

      To do this I created these Digital Writing Activities for my students. You are welcome to use them or create your own. I made them at different levels because I have different leveled writers in my class.

      "Sneezy the Snowman" Digital Writing Activity For Distance Learning

      “Sneezy the Snowman” Scavenger Hunt

      If you have been around The Present Teacher long enough, you may have noticed that I really enjoy scavenger hunts. 

      I have created some for “The Five Little Pumpkins” and “The Kissing Hand” so far. And my kids love them!

      In order for the “Sneezy the Snowman” Scavenger Hunt to work, I just printed out these images and hid them around my classroom (or house)! 

      My students loved being the first ones to point them out. It was a great way to get them engaged with the story and bring “Sneezy the Snowman” to life. 

      You are welcome to use or create your own. Or you can get them for Free by clicking here or down below! 

      Digital Snowman Activities

      The next activity I wanted to incorporate with “Sneezy the Snowman” was some Digital Activities. For this, I really wanted to find Activities that they could do that was relevant to what we were covering in class.

      I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for on Teachers Pay Teachers, so I created my own!

      "Sneezy the Snowman" Digital Counting Activity. Perfect for Winter and one to one correspondence using a ten frame. @thepresentteacher

      For these activities I have students work on Letter and Number Recognition. And even adding and subtracting. 

      These Digital Activities are great because I can assign them as homework or as an assignment on Google Classroom. I also used them as an assessment for Letter Knowledge and Number Recognition.

      My students really enjoyed these because they were engaging and easy to use because they are Drag and Drop.

      Snowman Winter Digital Letter Recognition Activity. Perfect for Distance or Hybrid Learning or the book "Sneezy the Snowman" @thepresentteacher

      Snowman Crafts

      Another “Sneezy the Snowman” Virtual learning activity I did was a Snowman Craft. For the craft, I sent the supplies in a packet that families picked up from the school.

      One of the Snowman Crafts I sent home with my kids was “Sneezy the Snowman Puffy Craftivity” by The Primary Pack.

      This is something I have done in years past and my Students love creating their own Melting “Sneezy the Snowman.” All you need for this activity is paper, glue, shaving cream, and a popsicle stick!

      I plan on sending the little traveling sized shaving creams home with my families. And they already have glue which is a plus.

      Snowman Science Experiment

      The final “Sneezy the Snowman” virtual learning activity I am going to do is a science experiment. I actually found two different ones and I am not quite sure which one I am going to do. (I might even both of them)

      For science experiments, I just do a demonstration using Zoom or Google Hangouts. 

      I love utilizing science experiments because they are engaging and they are a great way to get some Science Standards in. 

      For the “Sneezy the Snowman” I found two different experiments:

      Hot Cocoa Melting Snowman Science Experiment

      The Hot Cocoa Experiment is super cute. All you need is Water, Hot Cocoa Mix, Styrofoam Cups, Spoons, Marshmallows, and Sharpies. 

      In this experiment, students put a Marshmallow Snowmen in three different temperatures: hot, warm, and cold. They then see which one melts the fastest. 

      This is a great science experiment about heat and energy!

      Exploding Snowman Activity

      The Exploding Snowman Science Experiment is super easy as well! 

      Much like the Erupting Pumpkin, I did in “The Five Little Pumpkins Distance Learning Activities,” this experiment utilizes baking soda and vinegar for the chemical reaction.

      For this experiment, you will need a sandwich bag, markers, baking soda, vinegar, and paper towels or tissue paper. 

      This is a great activity to talk about how energy is created when two different substances mix. I love this activity because in the past my students tend to love the “exploding” experiments the best.



      Overall, In this article we talked about the following Virtual Activities you can do with your students for “Sneezy the Snowman”

      There are so many fun and engaging activities for “Sneezy the Snowman.” I hope this article gave you some great activities that you are excited to share with your students.

      I love activities like these because to me this allows students to build a relationship with books at a whole new level. 

      Any activities that I missed? What are your go-to activities for Winter? Please feel free to comment down below so we can have an amazing winter idealist!

      Thank you for reading this post, and remember:

      “We are stronger together.”

      Happy Teaching!

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      Are you Distance or Hybrid Learning this year and need some fun Digital Activities for this winter? Here are the top Distance Learning or Digital Activities for "Sneezy the Snowman." Perfect for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade students. Click to read more!
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      How to Differentiate Instruction While Distance Learning

      “Finally, as a Virtual Teaching Kindergarten Teacher, I was able to breathe and rest easy knowing that my students were actually learning.”

      This is me now. 

      But it wasn’t that long ago when I was hastily packing up my classroom. Grabbing everything in sight as we ventured into the unknown world of Distance Learning. 

      I brought home everything I could: paper, books, calendars, whiteboards. Not knowing what this term “Virtual Learning” actually entailed. That’s when all the questions started:

      “Will I still be able to assess my students?”

      “How do I know that they are actually learning?”

      “Can I still meet my students at the skill levels they are currently at if I can’t even work with them one on one?”

      Fast forward 7 months… and we are still here. 

      Except for this time, I can rest easy. Because I finally found the answer to my problem: Differentiated Instruction.

      Now I know some might get an uneasy feeling by the phrase “Differentiated Instruction.” Some people might even want to click out of this post. 

      I was the same when I first started. Distance Learning is already hard enough, how am I supposed to Differentiate Instruction too?

      But I am here to tell you that Differentiating Instruction is exactly the answer you are looking for. Differentiating Instruction does not have to be that difficult. In fact, I guarantee there are some ideas that I am going to suggest that you are already doing.

      Because of Differentiating Instruction, I go to bed at night happily knowing that my students are learning. I know that because of all the systems I have set in place, I have time to do things that I enjoy most. Like building relationships. 

      And I want to share with you exactly how I got there with this step by step post on how to use Differentiated Instruction while Distance Learning. But first, let’s go over what Differentiated Instruction is.

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