Avoiding the Top Teacher-Parent Communication Mistake


As a new teacher, communicating with families can be intimidating. I made a crucial mistake in my parent-teacher communication that led to a flop. In this blog post, I’ll share the #1 teacher-parent communication mistake I made and the key strategy to ensure strong teacher-parent communication from day one.

The Mistake: Having the Wrong Mindset

One of the biggest culprits of communication breakdown is having a “parent” versus “teacher” mindset. I found myself constantly expecting my families to be upset with me, dreading phone calls that might turn into confrontations. During parent-teacher conferences, I focused solely on what I was doing to help their child, without involving the families or providing them with ideas to support learning at home. That’s why it is essential to avoid the teacher-parent communication mistake.

The Fix: Shifting from “Me” to “We”

The solution is simple but powerful: shift your mindset from “Me” to “We.” This change in perspective can make all the difference in your parent-teacher interactions. Instead of seeing yourself as the sole authority, involve families as partners in their child’s education.

Practical Strategies:

  • Initiate conversations with families, presenting challenges as shared problems and seeking their input and ideas for solutions.
  • During parent-teacher conferences, discuss what “we” can do together to support the student’s progress, involving families in the process.
  • Be proactive in positive communication, reaching out to share successes and celebrate student achievements.
  • Approach challenges by explaining the situation and collaborating with families on strategies to support the student both in the classroom and at home.


By shifting your mindset from “Me” to “We,” you can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for teacher-parent communication. This simple change in perspective can significantly impact your relationships with families and enhance your overall teaching experience. If you found this blog post helpful, don’t forget to check out the Ultimate New Elementary Teacher Guide, a free resource answering the top 10 questions about teaching at the elementary level.

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