Empowering New Teachers to Thrive: Creating Fulfilling Classrooms, One Teacher at a Time

Guiding Classroom Success and Teacher Wellness for a Mindful, Impactful Journey with Helena

Ever felt that teaching, with all its joys, can sometimes leave you frazzled? You’re not alone!

I’ve been there. Hi, I’m Helena Hains, and I believe in the magic that happens when educators prioritize their own well-being just as much as their students’. Beyond crafting a smoothly run classroom, I’m all about self-care and mental strength. From Instagram tips to podcast chats, I’ve developed resources and strategies to help teachers find balance and joy. Ready to dive a bit deeper, and discover the story behind the brand?

Join me in redefining the teaching profession, one mindful moment at a time!

My passion for teaching goes far beyond the confines of the classroom. It’s a dedication to ensuring that every teacher, especially new ones, can confidently step into their role and foster positive change in their students’ lives. The turning point for me was a heartbreaking personal loss in December 2017 when I lost someone very close.

Seeing teachers who had recognized signs that my family member was struggling, yet were stretched to their limits, truly touched my heart. It became crystal clear that teachers needed more support, not only for their students but also for themselves. This realization formed the bedrock of ‘The Present Teacher.’ I’m committed to helping educators show up as their best selves, not only for their students but also for their own well-being. 

Teaching is my life’s purpose, and as I transition out of the classroom, I’m driven to ensure that upcoming teachers have the resources and guidance they need to flourish and make the impact they were destined to achieve. My goal is to empower educators to create a future where no teacher is overwhelmed by burnout, where districts provide adequate support, and where teachers feel confident in their ability to be present and make a difference.

At 'The Present Teacher,' my mission is clear: I'm here to support teachers on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves. If you're here to embark on this transformative path, you've come to the right place.

👉 Navigate the Classroom with Confidence: Whether you’re a new teacher or a seasoned educator seeking to enhance your classroom management skills, I’m here to provide the guidance and resources you need. Together, we’ll create systems that allow you to focus on what truly matters: meaningful interactions with your students.

👉 Prioritize Teacher Wellness: Teaching is demanding, and self-care often takes a backseat. I understand this struggle intimately. If you’re ready to prioritize your own well-being, I can help you develop strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and managing the pressures of the profession.

Feeling lost in the vast sea of teaching? Let Helena be your guiding star. With her expertise and tailored tools, you’ll sail smoothly through your challenges. Explore offerings that turn doubts into assets, helping you not just navigate, but truly shine in the classroom.

Join a community where new teachers truly connect and thrive. Share your journey, rejoice in successes, and tackle challenges with peers who genuinely understand. With the Present Teacher Circle, every step of your teaching path is enriched.

Seeking Tailored Guidance? From finding solutions to boosting your strategies or just needing a dose of encouragement, Helena’s personalized support will steer you to unlock your ultimate teaching prowess.

New to Teaching Elementary?

Dive into Helena’s Ultimate Guide for First Year Elementary Teachers and kick-start your teaching journey with confidence!