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About me

I am your Teacher Wellness Coach!

During my first year of teaching I wanted to quit.

You see I was finally a teacher like I had always dreamed of. But it was nothing like I had expected… I was exhausted!


And by exhausted I mean I was tired of being tired.  I was constantly struggling with getting all of the other things done that needed to be done, and being there for my kids. I never thought about myself. I thought taking care of myself was selfish. I would work late, go to work early, and I never seemed to catch up.


It wasn’t until Kindergarten graduation that it hit me. You see as my students crossed the gymnasium with their little diplomas I realized that I had just wasted an entire year with these students that I will never get back. That if this was teaching, I didn’t want to be a part of it. I COULDN’T be a part of it. That’s when I decided to make a change. I started to ask myself, “Is there a way to be the teacher I want to be in today’s world?”


So that’s when the obsession began. I went to counseling, took courses, read more self-help books that I care to admit and slowly, my life started to change. I didn’t feel like I was drowning anymore. Instead I was making an impact, showing up mindfully, and thriving. But it didn’t just stop there. Other teachers in my community and that I had known started to notice and ask me questions. I started answering their questions, and sharing what took me a year to figure out. Then they started sharing their success stories and how they were able to show up for their kids in a way they never thought possible.


That’s when it hit me. I love to help teachers. Not just any teachers, but burned out teachers. You see, guiding teachers to make the impact they desire while also saying “no” is a passion of mine! I know teachers are better off when teachers take care of themselves, and when teachers are better, the world is better. That’s when I started The Present Teacher. I knew that I loved helping other teachers, and I could save them what took me years of extensive research to figure out, in a short amount of time. I knew that I could be the mentor to other teachers that I had always needed.

I am available for

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One-on-One Coaching

Navigating the life of a teacher is no simple task. Want a coach that empowers you to live a fulfilling life inside and out of work? Check out how we can work together!

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Whether it’s teacher wellness, classroom management, or social emotional learning, I have a variety of programs available to help you create an impact inside and out of your classroom.

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The Present Teacher Podcast

Want to experience some of my coaching? Check out The Present Teacher Podcast!