5 Not So Obvious Signs of When It’s Time to Apply to a Different Teaching Position


Not sure when it's time to apply to a different teaching position? Here are 5 not so obvious signs it might be time to switch districts or teaching positions. These teacher interview tips will help you confidently decide what you are looking for in future districts, gain clarity on where and when you should start applying, and know with confidence whether the district you apply to is right for you.

It’s that time of year where you’re starting to wonder if it’s time to apply to a different teaching position next year. Scrolling TikTok and Instagram, seeing what other teachers are thinking and if you should come back.

Three years ago, I switched districts, and today, I’m going to share with you 5 key reasons you might be wanting to switch districts. Now, these reasons aren’t going to be the common reasons like a higher pay raise; instead, this is a good indicator to figure out if this district is aligned with you.

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer or financial advisor, so please use your own discretion and look at your financial situation before quitting your job. Let’s get started.

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Mismatch in Values:

When you first started teaching at your district, you probably noticed that your school or district has certain values or a mission they are trying to achieve. Perhaps when you first applied to the district, you felt aligned with those values, but quickly realized that you are no longer aligned with them.

Maybe your district is very aligned with technology, whereas you feel like there should be a greater balance between the two. One party is not more right than the other. It naturally happens as you gain more experience; you become more aligned with your true self. It’s okay to no longer align with things that you used to align with, just like outgrowing a pair of shoes you used to wear when you were 6.

If you are wondering if you are misaligned with your district and if it’s time to apply to a different district, take some time to journal on the question:

  • What do I stand for as a teacher?
  • What are my personal values? What are my district’s values?
  • Do I feel like those values can help me get closer to being the teacher I want to be in the future?

Mismatch in Admin:

Mismatched admin is one of the leading causes of teachers leaving the profession. Here are some of the top reasons why you might switch districts based on admin:

  • Reached out and received little support
  • Received backlash for choices that were made
  • Feel like you are being singled out
  • Admin is non-existent

Things to consider doing before you leave include reaching out with your concerns. Just because you move doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to have better admin elsewhere. It’s best to use your own discretion here.

Ask yourself:

  • Is this something I can continue to do long term?
  • Is this leading to burnout and me wanting to leave the profession altogether?

Mismatch in Support:

Mismatch in support goes with admin but can mean your team, where you don’t feel like you are being supported. Common things I’ve heard include non-supportive teams, lack of resources, and reaching out for support with zero response.

If you are experiencing this, here are some questions to ask yourself or think about before applying elsewhere:

  • Have I reached out and asked for support in this area?
  • Is there a different person, place, or department that I can reach out and ask if they can support me in this area?
  • Where can I reach out online for support?

Long Term Goals:

Consider your long-term goals. I bought a house 1.5 hours away because at the time that’s where I could afford. Long-term, I knew I wanted to be closer to home so when I had kids, I could live closer to them.

Examples include moving to a better district for your kids’ needs elsewhere or being bored of that grade level. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are my goals for my profession for the next 20 years?
  • Will this district help me get there?
  • Do I need to pivot to get me there?

Wanting to Quit Teaching in General:

I’ve talked to a lot of teachers online who were experiencing this. One teacher I talked to 3 years ago was in her 3rd year of teaching and she was exhausted and about to quit. After talking with her, she realized that she actually LOVED teaching but she felt like she wasn’t supported at her current position. The point is, it may not be the teaching altogether; it may be the district.

This may be one of the biggest signs of when to apply to a different teaching position.

Wrap Up:

That wraps up the reasons why you might consider teaching elsewhere. Take this step further and subscribe because in the upcoming weeks, I’ll be sharing more about how to stand out during the interview process.

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