5 Kindergarten Procedures All Teachers Should Teach on the First Day of School


As the first day of school approaches, it’s crucial to establish clear procedures to create a structured and successful learning environment. In this blog post, I will share with you the top 5 kindergarten procedures that all teachers should teach on the first day of kindergarten.

Back-to-school season is quickly approaching, and you may be wondering what kindergarten procedures to teach and when. Don’t worry—I’ve got you covered!

Raising Your Hand:

For many kindergartners, this will be their very first time in a school setting. They may be unsure how to interact with you and their peers. Take the time to teach them what it looks and sounds like to raise their hand. Show them proper behavior and explain what it does not look or sound like. For more insights on this procedure, be sure to check out Miss May from One Fab Teacher.

Class Call:

Getting your students’ attention is crucial for smooth transitions and effective instruction. Start with one class call for the day, using fun examples like “Class, class!” or “Hocus Pocus!” Practice what it looks and sounds like, and discuss what it doesn’t look or sound like.

Using the Restroom:

Whether your classroom has a bathroom or not, it’s important to teach students how to use it appropriately. Model the correct behavior, explain what it looks and sounds like, and take them on a tour of the restroom during the classroom introduction. Remember, some students may need to use the restroom before the tour, and that’s okay!

Getting Water:

Hydration is important, but it’s essential to establish procedures for getting water without disruptions. Teach your students what it looks and sounds like to get water, and consider using designated areas or crates to prevent spills. Model the behavior and discuss what doesn’t look or sound like the expected procedure.

Getting in Line:

Getting in line is a common procedure in kindergarten. Teach your students what it looks and sounds like to line up properly. Practice before engaging in activities like a scavenger hunt or transitioning to other parts of the room. Discuss your expectations for behavior in line, whether it’s being loud, quiet, using keywords, or even singing a song. Model the right way and discuss the wrong way, emphasizing the importance of practice.

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    Wrap Up:

    I hope you found these kindergarten procedures helpful as you prepare for the first day of school. Remember, consistency and modeling are key to successfully implementing these kindergarten procedures. Don’t forget to check out the video guide on the first day of school procedures for a more detailed walkthrough. If you found this blog post valuable, please like and subscribe!




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