5 2nd Grade Procedures All Teachers Should Teach During the First Week of School


As the beginning of the school year approaches, teachers often find themselves contemplating the procedures they should teach their 2nd-grade students. Transitioning from a lower grade to 2nd grade brings a unique set of considerations. In this blog post, we will delve into the top five 2nd-grade procedures that are crucial to establishing on the first day of school. These procedures will help create an organized, positive, and engaging classroom environment for your students to thrive.

Class Call

One of the fundamental procedures to address on the first day is how to get your students’ attention. Introduce a consistent class call that will serve as the cue for students to shift their focus to you. Some examples of effective class calls include “Class, class,” “Hocus Pocus,” “To Infinity,” “Let it go,” “Peanut Butter,” and “Hakuna Matata.” Discuss and practice what it looks and sounds like when students respond to the class call and emphasize what it should not look or sound like.

Carpet Song

The carpet song is an engaging transition tool that helps students move from their desks or tables to the carpeted area of the classroom. Play a catchy song, such as “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars or a Kids Bop song, and model what it looks and sounds like when students transition smoothly. Highlight the importance of active participation and cooperation during this procedure.

Bathroom Procedures

Addressing bathroom procedures is crucial, as it ensures a smooth and orderly routine. Discuss whether you have a bathroom in the classroom or if students need to leave the classroom to use the facilities. Explain the expectations for using the bathroom, including what it looks and sounds like when students leave and return. Model the proper way to wash hands, emphasizing hygiene practices. During the classroom tour, point out the bathroom location and discuss any additional guidelines.

Getting Water

Teaching students how to get water is essential for their independence and minimizing disruptions during instructional time. Explain the procedure for getting water, including what it looks and sounds like. You can provide examples of using containers, such as crates, to prevent spills. Model the appropriate way to handle the water container and emphasize what it should not look or sound like. Encourage students to practice this procedure to build confidence and competence.

Line Up Procedure

Establishing an orderly line-up procedure sets the tone for smooth transitions throughout the school day. Teach your students how to line up, emphasizing what it looks and sounds like when they do it correctly. Model the proper way to form a line, maintaining appropriate spacing and facing forward. Discuss your expectations regarding volume, silence, animal noises, using keywords, or even incorporating a line-up song. Practice the procedure during a classroom scavenger hunt or in other parts of the room.


By focusing on these five essential procedures, you will create a positive and well-structured classroom environment from the very first day of 2nd grade. Remember to model, practice, and reinforce these procedures regularly, ensuring that students internalize the expectations. By confidently teaching and implementing these procedures, you will pave the way for a successful and productive school year. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and stay tuned for more valuable content to support your teaching journey!