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    Hi everyone! I am so excited that you are here!

    I’m Helena, the creator of The Present Teacher.

    When my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said “a teacher.” Growing up I watched my amazing little brother grow. I was there when he learned to tie his shoes, write his name, and even read his first book!

    I fell in love with watching him grow. Especially that sparkle in his eyes he would get when he learned something new.

    Hence, I became…

    You guessed it a TEACHER!

    I graduated High School in 2015, from a small town in Oregon. After that, I went to school at Eastern Oregon University (Go Mountaineers!). That is where I met some AMAZING Professors who completely changed my life!

    I graduated with my Bachelors in Education with a Minor in Spanish and English as a Second Language (ESL).

    From there I went through a 10 Month (Yes only 10 Month!) Master’s Program. It was by far one of the hardest things I have ever done! But by far the most rewarding! I graduated in 2018 with my Master’s in Elementary Education.

    Since then I have been working in a small town in New Mexico, in a low-income community as a Primary Teacher. Which is where I discovered my “Why” or “Goal in Life.”

    My Goal:

    My Goal is to be as resourceful as possible to those around me. I was so blessed growing up, I want to pay it forward. My thoughts are: “The more resources I can provide, the more time we can be Present and Mindful with our students.” The more resources you have, the less time prepping and the more time we have to actually be with our students. They need us!

    What to Expect:

    Teacher Resources: Anything I can provide to make your life easier. Inside and outside the classroom. And anything that will give you more time with your students. Isn’t that what teaching is all about?!

    Student Resources: I am an advocate for Students too! Especially, mental and emotional well-being. One of the things I am passionate about is creating differentiated work. Our students don’t learn the same. Therefore, it makes sense that our resources should not be the same!

    Family Resources: Being a Parent is HARD work. My goal is to provide resources for people to use at home too! Children’s number one educator is there Family.

    So let’s Bridge the Gap and make Educating our children our main priority!